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The unexpected has become the norm within California cuisine; if it exists, a style of cooking which has been questioned. Unlike other forms that are regional, California cuisine is unable to be categorized technique or with a particular flavour. The method is difficult to define, though copied worldwide. California cuisine is best embodied by its creative approach that emphasizes the use of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients in combinations that were light. This food tour chinatown comes with fusion trend has evolved into combinations and has existed untried elsewhere.

With everything house, Provence meets the Mediterranean at Arlequin -made with basil sorbet with mascarpone soup in the cranberry bean. Chaya Brasserie on the Embarcadero combines Japanese and French cooking in the Pacific Rim style.

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Food as the show is always favorited, though, at Foreign Cinema, one of San Francisco’s most famous restaurants, the theatre is a platform for food. A stylish indoor dining room with large fireplace looks out on an outside patio with shared dining tables where foreign classics and independent features include -screened nightly as diners enjoy appetizers like steamed Alaskan halibut in tomato saffron broth with onions, house-cured sardines with roasted peppers, fennel, potatoes and aioli and grilled broccoli rabe with olio rubato. What! No popcorn with the movie?! The film is for background effect, not to worry and to consider a movie, dinner along with the economy seems a bargain.

With so much excellent food each evening, being prepared, one might worry a significant amount of it might go to waste, but leave it to let no food go uneaten. Food Runners were founded by local foodie Mary Risley, delivers perishable and prepared dishes from San Francisco hotels and restaurants to agencies. Just like the real San Franciscan and appreciator of food.

Given the social responsibility of its restaurants as well as the City’s love of fine dining and san francisco food tours, having enough to eat does not seem to be a problem for San Franciscans. It is a way of life.