DIY Vs Professional Pest Control Solutions For Rats


As quickly as professionals can confirm that you have a rat infestation in your home, you will have no time to waste. You need to get professional treatment as quickly as possible related to rat control services. But, there are some people that like to carry out homemade solutions.

Though, homemade solutions can be effective to some extent, they can never promise to eliminate rats completely from your property. Why? It is because rats multiply swiftly. The more you delay the pest control process, the more it increases the possibility of causing damage to your home. Rats can also cause harm to the health of your family members. As a business or home owner you have two primary options – professional and DIY. 

DIY Process

The first option is the do it yourself process or the homemade option. You can consider putting traps as there and multiple times of traps available that you can buy from stores. Release traps, catch traps and electrical traps are the common traps available that can make you delay pest control Kolkata for a time being. All the traps are easy to utilise because you need to put them in an area and sit back and relax. If you are looking forward to utilising traps ensure to check it every now and then so that you can eliminate rats when they are trapped. Rats can leave a foul smell whether dead or alive so it is essential to dispose them of as quickly as they get trapped in your bait. 

There are multiple kinds of rat poisons available in the market apart from traps. Similar to the traps, you need to wait and watch and evaluate your house and corners from time to time. Check whether that rats are lying on the ground after you do the process because you would not want to surround your home with foul smell. Other than these, there are multiple alternatives like: 

  • You can create your homemade rat poison. Mix one part of powder sugar, borax and cocoa powder. The combination of chocolate and sugar will attract rats and the borax will kill them. Because when you are utilising rat poison because it can also kill human beings and pets. If there is a child in your home and sure to put the poison away from their reach. 
  • Sanitize and clean your home so that these harmful creatures will not feel welcome inside your home and will not be attracted. Rats like to live in areas where they get a good source of water and food. If you decide to keep your home clean, rats will feel that your home is not the perfect place for them to thrive. It is one of the common ways that people use to delay rat control services
  • Make sure to clean your kitchen because it is one of the areas where rats come in search of food. Do not keep used dishes and clean them immediately after cooking and eating. If you keep them in the sink for a long time, it will not only invite rats but also other creatures like flies and cockroaches. 
  • Make it a habit of disposing your garbage on a regular basis and wipe the counter-stop and the table in your kitchen to check whether or not there are no crumbs of food left behind. Decrease the clutter in your home by emptying the magazines, newspapers, shoe boxes and reduce the overall clutter in your house. 
  • If you have cracks or holes in your home, make sure to see them of so that these creatures would not get any access to the multiple regions of your house. 

Professional Rat Control Services

Professional rat control solutions can provide you with professional help from a reputed pest control Kolkata company. If you do not want to go through the problems of booking a pest control professional or you are too busy, you can simply give a call to a pest control expert in Kolkata, which is one of your best options. Pest control professionals are knowledgeable and will trained when they want to deal with multiple kinds of creatures and they can solve your pest issue effectively and safely.

Coming across the ideal pest control organisation is essential. No one would like to waste their money on a service which is not valuable or worthy and cannot provide you with the beneficial result. If there are rats in your property, ensure to reach out to the best pest control company in Kolkata which will be your best bet. 

Wrapping Up

At Pestico, our group of professionals can examine your house and lawn to assess the requirements. They will identify all the entry points and make the necessary treatments as required. Professionals utilise premium equipment for keeping up with the ever changing pest behaviour and also guarantee results for their customers.