Do I need a license to drive electric mopeds?


Obviously, the driving licenses required for an electric motorcycle are not the same as for a conventional motorcycle. In this way, two factors must be considered: the power of the motor and the maximum speed.

AM card

Necessary for vehicles that do not exceed 45 km/h. In addition, if the driver is 18 years old and uses an approved moped, he may carry a passenger.

A1 card

Indispensable for electric scooters that exceed 45 km/h with a power of less than 11 kW.

A2 card

Required for electric motorcycles with power between 11 and 35 kW.

Card A

For all electric motorcycles.

B card (equivalence with A1)

From 3 years old you can drive electric motorcycles up to 11 kW.

best electric moped

The fact that many renowned companies opt for this type of vehicle indicates that they probably offer more than you think. Naturally, certain aspects that only conventional motorcycles incorporate are sacrificed, but in return other worthwhile advantages are obtained. Let’s see below the best electric moped on the market:

Silence S01

The Silence electric motorcycles, a Catalan manufacturer that sells more units than such prestigious brands as Nissan or Tesla, has in its catalog the S01 removable battery electric moped. It is one of the models most used by motosharing services in Spain.

This model has a modern and attractive appearance based on an aluminum structure that gives it robustness, as well as low weight. In addition, up to two full-face helmets can be stored under your seat.

All this for an unbeatable price of €4,990 by booking on the Silence website , one of the leading electric motorcycle brands on the market.