Do People Actually Feel Better About Their Bodies After a Cosmetic Surgery?


In today’s fast-changing world, everyone wants to look their best all the time. As a result, surgically enhanced cosmetic procedures are at an all-time high and more normalized than ever. To much surprise, plastic surgery stemmed from ancient India. “Sushruta Samhita” one of the finest examples of our rich heritage and advancement, is a testimony of the fact that reconstructive surgery was prevalent in earlier times. People have mixed views about getting a procedure done. While some find it misleading, most people consider it was immensely empowering. India stands on the fourth spot in the top five countries where cosmetic procedures occur and boasts of having the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai. 

 What is cosmetic surgery? 

Cosmetic surgery includes procedures, principles, and techniques that fundamentally focus on enhancing and improvising a person’s appearance. Its primary objectives are to impart proportion, symmetry, and the overall aesthetic appeal of an individual. It is performed both by surgical and non-surgical means to enhance the existing features of an individual. The risks involved are extremely low. Cosmetic surgery is defined when a person opts for an invasive medical procedure or an operation, to modify their physical appearance for cosmetic rather than medical reasons.

Do cosmetic procedures make people feel better? 

There are lots of reasons why some people may choose to go under the knife. It could be due to underlying shyness and insecurity or an attempt to improvise their appearance. Some want to look younger and have beautiful skin, while others want a quick fix to their physical abnormalities. 

The moot question here is, will have cosmetic surgery make one feel better? Not so surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes. Cosmetic surgery can be life-changing. Neurotransmitters are released by our brain when we feel happy- be it your favorite food or a surgery. These consequent changes have a deep-rooted positive impact on our social lives and relationships. After undergoing a procedure, patients often report a sincere motivation to live a healthier and happier life. As per the current trends and reports, people often say positive outcomes and don’t regret their decisions. In addition, reports show that people who went under the knife handled social phobia, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and depression comparatively better. Over the due course of time, cosmetic procedures have become more affordable and can be easily accessible. Listed below are some of the benefits of cosmetic surgery. 

  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence 

Self-esteem has a fundamental role to play in one’s life. It indicates how much we truly value, appreciate, and love ourselves. A sense of satisfaction from one’s appearance can work wonders and immensely boost one’s self-esteem. 

Confidence plays a fundamental part in our lives. It is an inner feeling that comes from the way we look. Getting a cosmetic procedure can give you a fresh boost of confidence. 

  • Improved physical and mental health 

Often getting a cosmetic procedure can help one get rid of their primary health problems. For instance, a rhinoplasty can aid in better breathing by fixing the deviated septums. A breast reductions surgery can be beneficial in reducing neck, shoulder, or back pain. It has been scientifically proven that botox injections help treat chronic migraines. A blepharoplasty helps improve vision. 

Self-improvement has been an age-old practice. Cosmetic surgeries make individuals feel good and confident in their skin. It not only reduces stress but increases their overall health and happiness. You can get in touch with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai if you feel the need of going under the knife.

Most common plastic surgery procedures 

With the rising demand for plastic surgery, the common types of surgeries adopted by people are also increasing. As a result, there is a surgery type available for almost every body part. All of these procedures can be performed by the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai, making it easier for more and more people to get rid of their insecurities pertaining to their bodies. The most common plastic surgeries are:

  • Breast Augmentation 
  • Buttock lift
  • Breast lift
  • Dermabrasion
  • Facelift
  • Liposuction
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty 
  • Botox injections 
  • Reshaping of jaw, chin, or cheek 
  • Thigh lift 
  • Laser skin resurfacing 
  • Collagen infused injections 


Countless procedures are available in the market for almost all parts of the body, but we should make an informed decision at the end of the day. Getting a procedure done won’t solve any of our existing problems, but it plays an instrumental role in our outlook on life. Setting a realistic expectation is the key here. Going under the knife has gained acceptance and appreciation in today’s world. It empowers a person not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally. The best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai can get your desired tweaks done as they are highly qualified surgeons who are adept with cutting-edge technology.