DocuTAP EMR Software Review And Its Features

docuTap EMR

Whether you are looking for an EMR software that is designed specifically for urgent care specialties or you are simply looking to upgrade your current practice management system, DocuTAP EMR Software is a solution that you should consider.

Business intelligence and analytics

Using business intelligence and analytics in DocuTAP EMR software allows urgent care practitioners to act on patient data. This is a way to improve patient communication and engagement, increase healthcare performance, and improve the patient experience. This is especially true for the urgent care industry.

The company’s primary focus is on improving the urgent care industry. This is achieved by offering a practice management solution that integrates EMR and practice management in one system. This means clinics can focus on patient care while maintaining a strong bottom line.

DocuTAP’s practice management software provides a wide range of features that enable insurance verification in real time. It also allows clinics to schedule appointments and automate billing. This is especially useful for urgent care centers that need to maximize their revenue.

The company’s business intelligence and analytics features include real-time data, live performance dashboards, and financial trends. Users can also configure templates for different care types. DocuTAP can also send automated email reports and export reports to a spreadsheet.

DocuTAP EMR is designed to work with existing systems. This means it is easy to use and customize. In addition to documentation support, DocuTAP EMR also includes payment processing, lab integration, and electronic medical records.

DocuTAP also provides practice management and workflow management software. It helps clinics improve patient engagement, increase revenue, and reduce time spent on manual data entry.

DocuTAP has grown steadily over the past several years. In the last year alone, the company has added 350 urgent care clinics. In the coming years, Experity will expand the company’s suite of on-demand healthcare solutions. The new platform will include teleradiology, remote patient registration, electronic medical records, and payment processing. This is an exciting development that will allow Experity to further drive strategic growth across offices.

Easy-to-use user interface

Whether you are a doctor, a practice manager, or a patient, DocuTAP EMR software will make it easy for you to document your patient’s health. It offers easy-to-use features for charting and billing. You can easily change your charting style to fit your needs and preferences.

DocuTAP EMR software is an easy-to-use solution for urgent care practices. This can be acquired on desktops, laptops, or tablets. It has an easy-to-follow workflow and features templates for common medical procedures. also integrates practice management, revenue cycle management, and contracting credentialing services. It can be configured for primary care, pediatrics, and urgent care.

DocuTAP is one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare technology industry. The company specializes in saving time and improving patient satisfaction. DocuTAP EMR software is known for its ease of use and fast implementation. Its practice management software allows multiple staff members to work on the same note at the same time.

DocuTAP’s EMR software offers a robust scheduling tool. It also offers order sets, a patient portal, and contracting credentialing services. It also offers customized center workflows. The company provides videos and instructions on how to use the software. It also has a community for users to share ideas and resources.

DocuTAP is one of the most versatile EMRs available today. It is designed for urgent care practices, but can also be used in primary care, pediatrics, and workers’ compensation visits.

It is time-consuming for some users. billing system also presents problems for some practices. Practice Mate EHR is Another best EHR Software you should check its features.

Certified by the Onc-ATCB

Choosing an ONC-ATCB certified EMR software is important for providers. It ensures that the software system complies with the technical and clinical requirements of Meaningful Use. The certification also ensures that the data format and structure are compatible with other EHR systems.

The Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) selected six companies to test and certify EMR software. These companies include Epic EMR, DocuTAP EMR, Practice Management Solutions, AdvantaChart, PrognoCIS, and eHealthFiles. The Office of National Coordinator then developed ONC-ATCB certification, which attests that the product meets meaningful use requirements.

The ONC-ATCB certification is important because it ensures that the software system complies to Office of National Coordinator guidelines. It may not necessarily attest to the product’s clinical functionality.

DocuTAP EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical records system designed for occupational, pediatric, and urgent care practices. It features a patient portal, analytics, documentation support, and lab integration. It also includes an online repository, patient education, and billing functionality.

DocuTAP EMR supports various medical specialties, including pediatrics, urgent care, family medicine, oncology, pain management, dermatology, OB/GYNA, internal medicine, pediatrics, and orthopedics. It also integrates with existing systems, including EHRs, and has a practice management module that’s available to clients without charge. The EMR’s easy-to-use interface provides clinicians with the ability to manage patient-focused workflows.

User Friendly

Its user-friendly workflow helps reduce the time doctors spend on manual data entry. It also reduces the wait time between check-ups. Its mobile device support provides medical practitioners with the ability to send appointment reminders to their patients. It also provides total payments and visit statistics.

DocuTAP EMR is certified as a Meaningful Use software by the Drummond Certificate 2014. This certification is a good indicator that the software meets federal quality-care requirements.

It also features two-factor authentication through Exostar. Using Exostar, providers bind their hardware token to the software application. It also has a practice management module, which allows automatic generation of claims.

Designed for urgent care specialties

The practice management software is easy to use, with an innovative workflow that improves efficiency for both you and your patients.

This helps you reduce time and effort spent on claims and appeals, as well as maximize your revenue. The platform includes customizable patient receipts, real-time insurance verification, and an automated billing report. Using a billing report, you can quickly generate reports based on the type of procedure you’re performing, the insurance carrier you’re referring to, and the insurance carrier your patients have.

DocuTAP is also tablet compatible, which means you can access your patient records from anywhere. The software’s easy-to-use templates and charting module help drive streamlined workflows and a better patient experience.

DocuTAP’s community allows you to share ideas with other users, and you can find videos that walk you through various tasks. If you have questions, DocuTAP’s support team can respond within 24 hours to provide a solution.

DocuTAP’s practice-management software is a full-featured solution that is customizable and turn-key. It’s ideal for urgent care, occupational health, and pediatric specialty clinics.

DocuTAP’s practice-management platform also includes a reporting tool and contracting credentialing services. Its customer-friendly design, easy-to-follow workflow, and customization make it easy to learn.