After ruling out any opportunity to trade superstar Donovan Mitchell, 25, Utah has changed its mind, with rival teams across the league saying the Jazz is now open to three-time All-Star trading. Adrian Wojnarowski on Tuesday.

But for Utah to trade in with its star player after recently relinquishing three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, the teams know they will have to give a lot.

Mitchell has four years and $134.9 million left over the maximum extension he signed through the 2020 season, with the last season, 2025-2026, a $37.1 million player option. And after former coach Quinn Snyder’s resignation, Jazz spoils by Joubert and Royce O’Neill’s deal, there’s no doubt that big changes are coming in Salt Lake City.

Can Brooklyn dump Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons in a four-team deal and sign Mitchell? Is Oklahoma City ready to use its first-round picks to bring in the super shooting guard? Will Miami send a small portion of its youth, including Tyler Herro and several selections, to chase a championship?

Our NBA experts detail potential moves

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The Knicks get their star
New York receives:
Donovan Mitchell
Rudy Jay

Utah receives:
Evan Fournier
Cam Reddish
Obi Tobin
Miles McBride
The Knicks choose the first round in 2023, 2025 and 2027
Mavericks 2023 Pick (Top 10 Protected)
Wizards Choice 2023 (Top 14 Sanctuaries)

The Knicks actually hired one of the shooting rangers who watched when two CEOs appeared in the main seats of Game 1 of the Jazz-Mavericks playoff series, catching Galen Bronson of Dallas at free agency.

It’s no secret that Mitchell has been at the top of the Knicks wish list ever since they hired Leon Rose to run the franchise. The Jazz, as evidenced by the loot that Utah got in the Joubert deal, wants to stock up on first-round picks, create financial flexibility and seize some opportunities with cheap young talent.

This deal would be a win in all of these departments and launch Jazz into a complete rebuild with a lot of capital as the foundation for this venture.


Loaded with picks, the Knicks have all of their next picks and protected picks from Dallas, Detroit, and Washington.

This footage was stored in the hope of turning it into a proven star like Mitchell. Toppin showed promise and stayed two years on the rookie deal. Reddish, who was previously 10th, and McBride will be young players without guaranteed salaries after the 2022-23 season.

Fournier has three years and $55.9 million left on his contract, including the team’s final season option, and he would be a strong candidate to trade elsewhere at some point.

Jay, 35, did not play in the playoffs and owes $12.7 million over the next two seasons, so the Jazz will be eager to part with him in the Mitchell deal.

– Tim McMahon

Welcome to Miami, Mitchell.
Utah receives:
Tyler Hero
Nikola Jovich
Duncan Robinson
Gabe Vincent
First round picks in 2023, 2027 and 2029

Miami receives:
Donovan Mitchell
Odoka Azubuike

Oklahoma City receives:
First round pick in 2025 via Miami (no protection)
Second round pick in 2024 (Top 50 Protected)
Second round picks in 2028 and 2029

At some point, the Heat may have made Hiro the pivotal type in a deal that could make up for their inability to deliver as many draft picks as the Knicks.

However, with the spoils jazz got for Joubert, this argument may have gone out the window. For any hope of landing Mitchell, Miami will likely offer both Herro and a whole arsenal of picks. Doing so requires the involvement of the Thunder, who owns the Heat’s first-round 2025 pick with a Top 14 protection after the two teams tweaked terms ahead of this year’s deadline.

To adjust it again and remove protections on what could become a weaker pick with Mitchell in Miami, Oklahoma City takes the Heat’s three remaining picks in the second round. With that protection removed, Miami could make three unprotected picks in the first round as well as Nikola Jovic, the 27th pick in the 2022 draft (since Jovic signed his junior contract on July 2, this deal has not been finalized).