.Dune Buggy Dubai:


Dune buggy Dubai offers a glimpse of the Arabian desert. The most daring component of the desert activities is Dune Buggy Dubai . You will receive a free ride from your hotel or other destination to the desert spot where you can rent a dune buggy. Under the guidance of our guide , you are free to roam the desert in the buggy.

A recreational vehicle with large wheels and wide tires that is intended for usage on sand dunes or beaches is called a buggy .The design typically uses an engine and vehicle that has changed and are put on an open chassis frame .Dune buggies made primarily for use on open , sandy terrain.

Dune buggies serve more than just recreational beach off-roading needs; they also serve a useful purpose. When a vehicle like a regular 4×4 won’t do, they enable exploration in locations with terrain that would otherwise be impassable. A swamp buggy is a type of dune buggy designed for watery exploration; these cars have been hailed as essential for surviving in the Florida Everglades.

Features of the 24V Dune Buggy


  •       Suitable for Boys or Girls 1-15 Years Old (Or Younger, Under Supervision of Adult)
  •       Push to Start
  •       On-Screen Digital Battery Indicator
  •       Up to 90Mins Of Play Time(Based on Terrain)
  •       Off-Road Tires & Suspension
  •       Real Two-Seater
  •       24V Battery & 4 Motors
  •       2 Speeds (3 Speeds controlled by Parental Remote), Maximum speed 3-11 km
  •       Forward / Park / Reverse shift switch, Parental Remote Control with Remote
  •       LED Headlights & Tail Lights.
  •       Horn Buttons on Steering Wheel
  •       Integrated MP3 Player with Bluetooth, Plays Files from Micro SD Card, USB Flash Drive or External Devices
  •       1 Year Motherboard + 3 Month Battery Warranty

What Makes the Dune Buggy Fun?

Outstanding for off-road racing

Easy to operate

Electric motor power

The Dune Buggy’s biggest feature is its ease of use for young children; anyone above the age of five will be able to manoeuvre it through any terrain with ease. For much younger children, parental supervision is advised, at least until they master this toy car completely.

Quad Bike

Quad Bike Dubai Tours with four substantial tyres that are operated as a single unit, much like a dirt bike.

Additionally, they are referred to as ATVs, which stands for “an all-terrain vehicle.”

These four-wheeled vehicles are intended specifically for off-road driving activities and are sure to give you a great sense of adrenaline.

They lower the pressure in their tyres when off-roading to improve traction.

Before your company embarks on the excursion on their desert bikes, everyone receives a helmet.


Dubai is the perfect place for quad biking and other adventures like dune bashing, sand boarding and camel safaris. Dubai’s famous dunes are known as the Great Red Dunes; they are naturally red in color because their contents contain excess iron oxide. The massive 300-foot dune is used for both extreme sports and motorsports, including the UAE’s Desert Challenge. You can also arrange quad bike rentals in Dubai from licensed guides and equipment dealers. Provide the right

licenses, you will enjoy exploring with your friends.

You can also take a 2-day route and explore adventurous desert activities and sumptuous meals in desert tents. You will also be entertained by belly dancers and other bands. is that you do not stay away from civilization; the city is easily accessible.