Easy procedure for QuickBooks data recovery services


QuickBooks manages the critical financial data of more than a million users around the world. Even with many protocols to secure this data, there’s always a risk of data loss which can also happen due to other factors in the system other than the software. To overcome this issue, Intuit provides QuickBooks data recovery services that help to recover your data. These services become essential in case QB data is lost, as the business will also be impacted. If your data also got damaged and you are trying to learn more, keep reading the blog to discover the conditions which can damage your data and the QB-recommended procedures to recover it.
Data recovery can be complex and risky, take the help of a QB support team available at +1 800-417-5147.


The possible conditions due to which you’ll suffer data loss in your system are given below-
• A virus or malware attack on your system can cause data corruption in your hard drive.
• If your hard disk gets physically damaged due to a sudden power surge.
• If you try to upload or transfer your data to a different location, it can get damaged during the transfer.

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The procedure to appropriately execute QuickBooks data recovery is mentioned below-

Procedure 1- You can recover your data with the .qbw.adr file and original .tlg file

1. Create a new folder on your desktop and choose any desired name, for example- QB Recovery.
2. Go to your QB folder after pressing F2 in the software to see the product info and company file’s location.
3. Search for a file with the extension .tlg and a similar name to your data file.
4. Right-click on this transaction log (.tlg) file and tap Copy.
5. Open the QB Recovery and paste the .tlg file there.
6. Go to the QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder inside the QB folder.
7. Move the .QBW.adr file to the QB Recovery folder.
8. Right-click on the .adr file you moved and tap Rename.
9. Remove .adr from the name of the file.
10. Reopen QuickBooks to access the company file.
Try the next procedure if you face any issues while applying this procedure.

Procedure 2- Recovering data with .adr versions of both .tlg & .qbw files

1. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it QB Recovery.
2. Find the .tlg.adr & .qbw.adr files in the QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder.
3. Copy both of these files to the QB Recovery folder.
4. Rename these files and remove .adr from their file name.
5. Go to the File menu in QuickBooks and select Utilities options.
6. Tap Verify Data and wait until the data is scanned.
7. If the process finishes without errors, your data is completely repaired, or you have to click Rebuild now if the ‘Your data has lost integrity’ message appears.
1. Use the .qbw file in the QB Recovery folder as your company file in QuickBooks.
Your data will be recovered successfully with the procedures above.


You have read the complete blog explaining the correct procedure for using QuickBooks data recovery services. We hope the blog is informational and helped you recover your lost QuickBooks data.
If you face any issues while applying the procedure, contact a QB support team available at +1 800-417-5147.

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