Electric cycles

Gone are the days when people used to drive bicycles for commuting. People now have the means of powerful two-wheelers. As we enter the era of sustainability, there is a new way to go and commute. Electric cycles can be an excellent choice for people who want to drive two-wheelers without harming the environment.

Electric cycles have high performance, are efficient, offer excellent stability, and come with loads of features. But before you jump from your current two-wheeler, understand the basics of an E-bike and why they are so great.

What is an E-bike?

An E-bike is just like your regular two-wheel bicycle, but the former comes with an electric motor to assist with propulsion.

E-bikes are bicycles with a battery support, pedal-powered and occasionally have a throttle. The small motor powers a pedal-assist e-bike when you push the pedals, allowing you to ride over uneven ground and ascend hills without wasting energy.

Once you hit 20 to 28 miles per hour, based on the bike, the motor will stop accelerating you further. As a result, your commute will be shorter, and you can still see the sites.

E-bikes are offered in multiple variations. These are fat, commuter, cargo, hardtail, recreational, full-suspension mountain, and even road bike.

Pros and Cons of Riding an E-bike

Just like any other vehicle, there are some pros and cons to riding an electric bike. Here are some of the expected benefits and drawbacks of E-bikes.


  1. Affordable – E-bikes don’t need any particular licence type and are generally affordable to ride compared to other modes of transportation. You don’t need to worry about paying for parking areas, and the base cost for charging your battery is cheaper than paying for fuel and gas.
  2. Health – Riding E-bikes daily will have improved health benefits. It will add more physical activity to your schedule. Riding an electric bike will ensure you are getting fresh air out on the roads while getting your heart in proper shape.
  3. Fitness – Fitness enthusiasts will especially love the fitness benefits of riding an E-bike. By changing the percentage of throttle assistance, riders can have different difficulty levels, which will benefit heart problems, asthma, and others.
  4. More commute in less time – Traditional bikes might only be able to cover 10 km in an average commute. E-bikes can carry you double that distance in less time. Their unique motor technologies and speed assistance will help you commute more distance in less time.


  1. Upfront investment – Initial investment in an E-bike is usually more significant than in traditional bikes. The investment can be anywhere from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 40000. But the good news is that once you get the bike, it will last longer, and further maintenance costs are usually nil.
  2. Heavy – Some E-bikes which are loaded with features might compromise on weight. They weigh more than traditional bikes and can be a problem if a battery dies suddenly if not taken proper care of.
  3. Complex – E-bikes have more specialised parts than conventional bikes. Most of them are familiar, but some features may be hard to find if a repair is required and expensive.

Why Get an E-bike Online?

Electric bicycles offer excellent mobility with less environmental damage than the traditional two-wheelers you usually see on roads. These bikes have incredible efficiency, and their battery technology gives you that feel of a modern futuristic vibe. Apart from that, riding electric bicycles will offset other areas where you might be making an impact on the environment.

Thus getting an adequately designed E-bike will keep you on roads without discomfort and guilt for a long time. They offer more power and throttle, which significantly increases the overall usability. Sit back, relax, and speed.


E-bikes come in different shapes and sizes. The electric bicycle price varies as per the model you select. They ease mobility by giving that extra throttle and assistance during pedalling. More mobility translates to better efficiency and long-term comfort. These electric bicycle prices don’t cause harm to your budget once you make the initial investment. And on top of all these benefits, these bicycles do not harm the environment, which almost everyone is guilty of.