Elevating Outdoor Spaces: Landscape Grading & Resloping and Lawn Maintenance in Tallahassee

Landscape Grading & Resloping


In the charming city of Tallahassee, maintaining pristine outdoor spaces is essential for enhancing the beauty and functionality of residential and commercial properties. At Isadore Johnson’s Miscellaneous Services, we take pride in providing top-tier solutions for Landscape Grading & Resloping in Tallahassee and Lawn Maintenance in Tallahassee. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your landscapes thrive and remain a source of pride year-round.

Landscape Grading & Resloping in Tallahassee

Creating Optimal Terrain

Landscape grading and resloping lay the foundation for a well-drained and visually appealing landscape. Our experienced team meticulously levels the ground, ensuring proper water runoff and soil distribution, which are crucial for maintaining the health of your plants and preventing erosion.

Professional Grading Assessment

Our landscape grading experts assess your property’s topography and soil conditions to determine the ideal grading plan. With careful consideration of your property’s unique needs, we create a comprehensive grading solution that fosters healthy vegetation and minimizes potential water-related issues.

Erosion Control Measures

In Tallahassee’s climate, rainwater runoff can lead to erosion, compromising the stability of your landscape. We implement effective erosion control measures during the grading process to safeguard your property’s landscape and maintain its integrity.

Resloping for Aesthetics and Functionality

Resloping can dramatically transform your outdoor spaces, providing both visual appeal and enhanced functionality. Our team reshapes uneven areas, creating inviting slopes and contours that complement the overall landscape design.

Lawn Maintenance in Tallahassee

Year-Round Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn is the pride of any property. Our comprehensive lawn maintenance services cover all aspects of care, from regular mowing and trimming to fertilization and weed control, ensuring that your lawn remains lush and vibrant throughout the year.

Customized Maintenance Plans

At Isadore Johnson’s Miscellaneous Services, we recognize that each lawn is unique, with distinct requirements and challenges. Our experts work closely with you to create personalized maintenance plans tailored to your lawn’s specific needs and your desired level of involvement.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

To promote healthy root growth and address bare spots, we provide lawn aeration and overseeding services. These vital practices enhance soil aeration and introduce new grass seed, resulting in a fuller and more resilient lawn.

Pest and Disease Management

Pests and diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn. Our lawn maintenance professionals monitor for signs of infestations and diseases, taking preventive measures to protect your lawn from potential damage.

Seasonal Cleanups

With changing seasons come unique lawn care requirements. We offer seasonal cleanups that include leaf removal, debris clearing, and winterizing measures, ensuring your lawn is prepared to flourish during each season.


At Isadore Johnson’s Miscellaneous Services, we are dedicated to elevating outdoor spaces through Landscape Grading & Resloping and Lawn Maintenance in Tallahassee. With our expertise in creating optimal terrain, preventing erosion, and enhancing landscape aesthetics, your property’s outdoor areas will thrive in both beauty and functionality. Our comprehensive lawn maintenance services ensure that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant year-round. Whether you need to enhance your landscape’s grading or maintain a stunning lawn, we are committed to delivering top-tier solutions that exceed your expectations. Trust us to create outdoor spaces that bring joy and pride to your Tallahassee property.