Empty the Indonesian National Team Supporter Stadium, the reason is?

Before the match between the Indonesia national team and Curaçao, a banner (a banner) was displayed at Gelora Bandung Lotan Abi Stadium (GBLA), Bandung, West Java.

The banner was installed at the venue of the Indonesia national football team match at the FIFA Matchday event on Saturday (24/9/2022) at 20.00 WIB.

It went viral because the sign says thank you to PSSI’s General President, Muhammad Eryawan aka Iwan Poli.

A thank you banner for Iwan Polly was installed in one corner of the stadium.

This is the myriad mess for PSSI.

































Previously, the choice of location or venue for the match between the Indonesian national team and Curaçao became a debate in cyberspace. The reason is that the match of the Indonesian national team against Curacao, which was played twice, was held at the same location, which is the province of West Java. Besides GBLA, Bakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java was also selected by PSSI for the match between Indonesia national team and Curaçao. Many parties or Internet users considered that the choice of West Java as the match site was motivated by the interests of some elements.

Don’t forget that the sign reads “STY-BEST” on the right and left as a form of support for Indonesia coach Shin Tae-young. It is not yet known who placed the banner in the GBLA. Considering that the relevant parties did not open their voices regarding the sign installed in the GBLA.

However, the Thank You logo has become a standout and has been uploaded by several National Football Observer Instagram accounts. Some netizens made perverted comments and thought the banners smelled of political support. Supporters of the Indonesian national team threaten to empty the Bakansari Stadium The match of the Indonesian national team against Curacao will be held at the Bakansari Stadium on Tuesday (27/9/2022) at 20.00 WIB. The choice of Bakansari Stadium as the venue for the Indonesian national team’s match against Curacao was met with strong protests from netizens and fans.

In fact, some fans of the Indonesian national team suggested that the FIFA match day match be played in a stadium that came from a different province.

Moreover, JIS was initially selected by PSSI for the FIFA match day of the Indonesian national team against Curacao. However, after conducting a feasibility test, PSSI did not use JIS. Quoting from the pssi.org page on 9 September 2022, PSSI argued that the stadium used by Persija Jakarta against Chonburi FC was not suitable for holding a FIFA match day.

In terms of infrastructure, JIS Stadium is not 100 per cent feasible. Considering the fans’ interest in watching the Indonesian national team compete from the stadium is very high. “Therefore, in order to hold a match on the day of the match that attracts great interest from the audience, it is necessary to conduct a simulation related to the number of spectators starting from 25 percent – 50 percent – 75 percent – 100 percent of the maximum safety calculation,” said party general secretary Younes Nossi. Moreover, Yunus Nassey revealed several infrastructure problems that remain problematic in JIS, among them the parking area. “In addition, it is about the low ceiling because the bus cannot enter, it is possible that the buses of the visiting team and the home team stop in public places, and not in the areas as they should have been regulated. So if we force it, it will definitely become a Catalan for FIFA.” As if they didn’t care about the statement, supporters of the Indonesian national team still refused to hold the FIFA match day at Pakansari Stadium.

Even the supporters of the Indonesian national football team threatened not to watch the match of the Indonesian national team against Curacao live at the Bakansari Stadium.

As a form of disappointment and threat, fans of the Indonesian national team also echoed the hashtag #emptykanpakansari in the comment column for the latest PSSI Instagram account upload, @pssi, Thursday (9/22/2022).