EnChroma: Glasses that help color blind people distinguish colors accurately


The birth of the colorblind Enchroma
Currently, there are many people in the world suffering from color blindness. However, a company in the US has come up with a solution, to help thousands of people with color blindness be able to distinguish colors.
Many years ago, Donald McPherson was a man who made goggles for laser surgery. Moreover, while talking with his friend, McPherson discovered his glasses have the ability to help people with color blindness see colors.
Furthermore, after years of research, he founded Enchoma, a company specializing in the production of eyeglasses and eyeglasses for people with chromosomal disorders. At the same time, Donald McPherson said that our eyeglasses are capable of helping the wearer distinguish surrounding colors by blocking certain wavelengths of light.
On the other hand, in recent years, he has released a more improved version. It will be very convenient for children if users can use it while playing sports.

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Highlights of Enchroma glasses
Since their release, these glasses have been a hit with people who are colorblind.Here are the highlights of Enchroma stained glass, specifically as follows:

Help people with color blindness distinguish colors.
Enchroma glasses are used with an optical filter, specifically capable of removing certain wavelengths of light.  This allows more accurate light ratios to be established before entering the eye.  As a result, people with color blindness syndrome can distinguish colors much more clearly.

Suitable for both adults and children
In order to be able to help many sick people around the world, colorblind glasses have been designed with shapes suitable for many people of many different ages. Furthermore, this brand has recently released new versions to make it more convenient for young children.Especially sick people can wear it when participating in sports.

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The price is suitable for many people.
To be compared with many eyeglasses, Enchroma color blind glasses are considered affordable for many people’s economic conditions. Currently, these glasses start at 10 million VND, but the price may vary depending on the type of glasses you choose.Moreover, if you buy when there is a discount program, the price will be cheaper.

Where can I buy Enchroma color blind glasses?
Because these glasses are not widely available in the Vietnamese market at the moment, you must order them from the enchroma.com website.However, you also need to go through a help-buying service from the US to send it to Vietnam. Furthermore, on the enchroma website, Outdoor and Indoor mean:
Outdoor: This is a line of glasses for outdoor use and sunlight. At the same time, they will be used as sunglasses for people who are colorblind.
Indoor: This is a type of glass used indoors, with lights.
There are also small frames for children.