Wouldn’t you like a brightly decorated balcony that can be a great fun and a warm place among lush plants and sparkling sunsets? Look, it’s not just a fantasy, because this could be your very own balcony. Most of us are not very dreamy when it comes to decorating our balconies; in fact, most of us act like a warehouse by throwing our daily needs on our balconies. Here are some great ideas for turning your dingy balcony into a comfortable home. Examine your balcony: Is your balcony too small? What is the shape of your balcony? Features such as the size, shape, flooring and coverage ratio of your balcony should be determined before the renovation is done. If your balcony is very small, you should plan the renovation part in a limited way. Likewise, the number of items to be placed on a small balconies Birmingham AL can be limited to only two or three.

Consider your balcony style:

Make a list of all the themes you can transform your balcony with. Browse different online sites for ideas on apartment themes. You can choose furniture, accessories, flora and other items to be placed on the balcony according to the chosen theme. However, if you can customize your own themes to suit you, try adding space for barbecues, a cozy sleeping place, or perhaps an elegant entertainment room. Similarly, if you live in a rental property, learn from your landlord the do’s and don’ts of decorating the balcony. Planning Outside and Outside: Even before you decide to redesign your balcony, consider the impact your balcony decoration will have on your neighbors, such as your dripping potted plants and thick leaves that might be infested with bugs on your balcony. a concern for them. Also, frequent moisture from watering your plants can irritate them.

Create your own balcony kitchen garden:

Who says a balcony can’t be turned into a small kitchen garden? Although it may seem unusual, you can increase your greenery by having a flower bed, vegetable garden or herb garden on your balcony. Grow a mix of perennials, herbs and seasonal flavors in the middle of a suitable seating arrangement on your balcony. To grow larger plants on your balcony, you can apply patio gardening techniques to secure both your building and your plants. But remember to place plants that need lots of sunlight on a raised platform. Be sure to secure your plants to railings or another solid surface so they don’t hit your neighbor’s balcony or road.

Place trendy furniture: If you want to turn your balcony into a fun space,

Barbecue or sleeping area, grab a few wicker chairs and a small coffee table. If your balcony is quite large, you can place a weatherproof sofa, hammock or cot to sit back and enjoy nature. Add charm to your balcony by installing a bird feeder that will attract more birds and make your balcony an idyllic place. Avoid placing too many items on your balcony and make sure the furniture and flower pots match or include trendy colors. If you prefer to keep your neighbor’s gaze away from your balcony, you can cover the exposed side of the balcony with colorful fabrics/weatherproof blinds that will blend well with the walls and floor.

Proper balcony lighting:

Adding the right kind of lighting to your balcony will give you the thematic look you want. Look for electrical outlets on your balcony or add one if you don’t have one. Don’t install expensive lights and instead install a low-wattage, warm-colored bulb to illuminate certain areas, or make your own custom lights that hang from the ceiling of your balcony. In addition to the bulbs, you can add colorful Christmas lights to the plants/railings or decorate your balcony with small custom garden lights or wall lights. However, if there is no electricity on your balcony, you can illuminate your balcony with scented candles; do not forget to turn off the candles before leaving your balcony.

Paint the balcony walls:

Your balcony walls can be designed in countless ways to fit the theme. If you have placed a lot of plants on your custom fences Birmingham AL, paint the walls in similar colors or use wallpapers of similar tones. To make your balcony look more spacious and bright, you can paint the walls in lighter tones with a pinch of light color suitable for furniture and decoration. Bring floors to life: Why let your balcony floor look broken and rough in the middle of a well-decorated space? Give your balcony a sophisticated look by laying wooden floors that will also be easy to maintain. You can also choose stone floors, rubber floors, and plastic floors or cover the most used recreation areas with solid carpets. to be suitable