Tiktok ring light

TikTok is without a doubt the most popular social media platform right now. A location where millions of creators compete for a chance to be the next charli d’amelio or the Twin Melody, for example. But how can we stand out among so many TikTokers, right? Of course, there are several approaches, but one of the most effective is to generate high-quality material using a nice camera, microphone, lighting, or whatever else is required depending on the post. Today, we’ll show you a few things from the ideal team for TikTok success.

TikTok camcorders

The simplest technique to publish on this social network is to just utilise the selfie camera on our phone. In the end, the majority of us will have an all-in-one in our pockets.

Smartphones now have amazing video recording capabilities. The iPhone 12 series, which is extremely popular among multimedia makers, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Oneplus 9, Xiaomi Mi 11, and many more phones, are excellent examples of this. However, utilising a somewhat better camera (or even employing a “technique” that we shall now reveal) can significantly improve the quality of our films.

Without going too “wild” on the price, a Sony ZV1 may be an intriguing alternative. It’s a little camera that we can take with us everywhere we go, but don’t let its small size deceive you; it produces wonderful photographs.

For example, we can shoot video in 4K at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second. All of this comes with a stabilisation system and flat profiles for improved colour management. Of course, a foldable screen will be there so that we can see each other at all times. You may learn more about it by watching our in-depth study on YouTube.

TikTok’s microphone

When developing material, the audio element is extremely crucial. It is, after all, half of the audiovisual experience, and many people appreciate it even more than excellent video quality. As a result, if we add a decent microphone to our equipment, whether to record with a phone or a camera, the sound quality will vastly increase.

The Rode VideoMic is one of the most popular and cheap microphones on the market. This is available in versions for mobile phones (with a 3.5mm port or a lightning equivalent) and cameras. Provides excellent audio without the use of batteries, batteries, or amplifiers simply connecting directly. It is one of the better possibilities if you will be near to the camera.

TikTok lighting and tripods

On the other hand, when capturing videos, there is the issue of illumination. This issue is intimately connected to the subjugation of the mobile phone or camera that we use in the case of social networks.

The light rings are TikTok’s most popular scheme. This sort of TikTok ring light kit consists of a ring that, as the name implies, emits diffused light directly towards us, resulting in highly uniform illumination. One of its standout characteristics is the thread in the centre, which may be used to connect the phone or camera. This package also includes a tripod that will handle all of the weight and allow us to set it anywhere we want to record our TikTok. And, more particularly, this lighting package includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter release for our camera.

If this is too much for you, you may always choose for the smaller version. It’s a little light ring that may be attached to our phone. This will provide us with adequate illumination, which will be preferable to the one in our current room.

Although you can always utilise sunlight via a window, which is the cheapest option, together with a portable phone tripod.