EU BITS Review – Giving Royal Treatment to All Types of Traders


Have you really expected a royal treatment from the broker you signed up with? Or do you expect something like this happening to you when you are looking for online trading platforms? Let me tell you that I have found an online broker that can provide you with that type of treatment. I have closely looked at every feature it has to offer and confirmed that its treatment of traders is something admirable. I will let my EU BITS review do the rest of the talking so you know what this broker brings to the table. 

Start with a Bonus

Right off the bat you know you are in for a treat because of the bonuses this company offers its new traders. I wonder why more online platforms couldn’t think of this even though there are so many other industries where such bonuses are quite rampant. So, as soon as you sign up on this platform, you will get a welcome with a bonus. It’s called a welcome bonus and it really does sound attractive to any type of trader. The minimum bonus you get is 15% of the amount that you deposit while opening your account. The maximum bonus has been capped at 30% of the deposit you make while signing up. 

That’s not the only bonus you get. When you upgrade from a lower to a higher trading account, you get another 20% bonus of the amount you deposit. Last but not least, the company has not forgotten about those who are willing to tell others about it. Refer a friend and 15% of the amount they deposit while signing up will be credited to your trading account. How does that sound?

Huge Leverage and No Negative Balance

One of the things that happen quite commonly to new traders is them ending up with negative balance. They are not experts at trading and hence they are bound to lose some trades in the beginning. What they don’t realize after some time is that their balance has ended and now they owe some money to the trading platform they are using. Again, since you are supposed to get a special treatment on EU BITS, you will not have to go through that pain. You get negative balance protection when you sign up with this broker regardless of the account you pick. 

What this means is that no matter how big of a trade you enter or how big of a loss you incur, you will never owe anything to the company. In addition to that, you will be able to leverage your trades pretty generously when you sign up with EU BITS. This broker provides you with leverages of 1:100 when you sign up with the Standard account. That’s the leverage expert traders get with other companies for opening VIP accounts. With this company, if you sign up with the Elite account, you will get leverages of 1:100. 

Trade Any Asset Anywhere You Want

Do you want to trade in multiple markets at the same time? Well, you can trade in the market you prefer any time you want when you are with this broker. If you choose crypto assets, it will be as though you signed up with a cryptocurrency broker because you will have a total of 9 different digital currencies for trading, including Ethereum and Bitcoin. Furthermore, you can trade minor, major, and exotic currency pairs in the forex market. You have stocks as well as indices available for trading. Last but not least, you can trade precious metals, energies, and agricultural assets on a platform that can be used anywhere without any downloads required. 

Final Thoughts

You will not have to adapt to anything when you sign up with EU BITS. The features from this broker have been adapted per your needs and you see that in every aspect of trading. With some of the tightest spreads, huge leverages, and generous bonuses, I think EU BITS really gives traders the experience they have been long looking for.