The battle between electric mopeds and fossil fuels has long since begun. Both climate change and the various economic crises have resulted in a change of habits to adapt to the circumstances, especially in the field of mobility because transport is one of the main (if not the main) pollution factor in urban areas.

In this way, electric motorcycles are positioned as a great solution to reduce the pollution generated by vehicles in cities. In addition, the barriers to their full implementation and their great popular acceptance make them –a priori– a type of transport that is easier to establish in the vehicle fleet than electric cars.

Currently, electric scooters are tough rivals of traditional internal combustion motorcycles, since little by little they are equaling in different features such as speed, acceleration and efficiency. thus, its expansion is slow but sure and manufacturers are increasingly aware of the need for cleaner transport.

And this is where electromobility comes into play , since factors such as more affordable prices, greater autonomy, lower maintenance costs, lower energy consumption and an increasingly shorter recharging time make electric motorcycles a true reality, placing itself in a real transport alternative.

5 advantages of electric mopeds

Nowadays, electric motorcycles are opening a gap in the two-wheel mobility sector. So much so, that many people consider acquiring one of them. Perhaps the best thing would be to try one of these models to feel first-hand the experience of getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle of this type.

To do this, many motosharing companies (an innovative shared motorcycle rental system) such as Love sharing have fleets of mopeds distributed throughout the cities so that users, through an app, can use them for as long as they want, since the rates are per minute.

Carlos Sotelo, CEO and founder of the Spanish electric motorcycle brand Silence, affirms that “the electric motorcycle is going to be very big and is going to eat up the 125 moped and scooter market by 90% or 100%”.

In addition, “the electric vehicle does not have a reverse gear, for many reasons, the most important has to do with the problem of urban pollution. Almost all the cities in the world are exceeding the permitted limits”, adds Sotelo.

Although these are two great reasons to highlight, some of the most important advantages of electric mopeds are the following:

1. Less pollution

The use of electric scooters allows for a large reduction in CO₂ emissions and other harmful gases for the environment, which results in cleaner air and a much healthier environment.

2. Fuel savings

Logically, filling the fuel tank is much more expensive than recharging the battery of an electric motorcycle, since the average cost is usually less than €1 per 100 kilometres. If we also take into account that there are many public charging points that are totally free… it’s a win-win situation , as the English speakers say.

3. Goodbye repairs

Since the engines of electric scooters do not have parts such as fuel pumps or exhaust pipes (among others), this type of vehicle has an extremely low failure rate, so visits to the workshop are (almost) a thing of the past. past.

4. No noise or smell

If we take into account that engine noise is a clear example of noise pollution and that electric motorcycles do not emit sounds, citizens will greatly appreciate it, especially at night. Also, by not having exhaust pipes, the odors given off are non-existent.

5. No more restrictions

Currently, many cities restrict the circulation of vehicles on certain days, times or specific areas. However, all electric mopeds are exempt from these regulations.