Everything You Need to Know About Geomatic Services in Alberta


Geomatics is defined as the science and methods which integrate the tasks of gathering, processing, storing, modeling, analyzing and presenting geographic data. Today, many companies all over the world are using geomatic services to effectively complete multiple projects. A lot of construction projects are carried on in Alberta using Geomatic Services.

What are the various Geomatic Services?
Geomatics expertise can give businesses in a variety of areas a competitive advantage. These services are used in every sphere of the industry including the construction and engineering industry. Some of these services are:

● Surveying: Surveying is defined as the art and science of determining the relative positions of points on the earth’s surface, measuring the distances and angles between them, and then generating a map to the appropriate scale for the user. For example, Transportation survey, construction survey.

● Remote Sensing: The science of acquiring the physical characteristics of a place or an object without physically being there is known as remote sensing. This method allows data to be collected in unsafe or inaccessible locations.

● Location-based services: Location-based services (LBS) are services that are based on a mobile user’s geographic location as determined by the device’s location.

● Mapping: Mapping is a process that uses technology and geomatics approach to create maps of huge areas., Aerial mapping, digital mapping and Topographic maps are some examples of mapping.

● GIS (Geographic Information Systems): Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, are computer and software tools for collecting and analysing data on geographic locations and their connections to human and natural activity on the planet.

Relevance of Geomatics Services in the Real World
Geomatics helps us in comprehending our natural surroundings and making long-term plans. It may be used to construct roads, bridges, dams, and cities, among other things.

It can also be used in environmental protection by finding hazardous waste locations or researching the effects of climate change on our world.

Landscape Planning is one of the most used services in various industries today. The act of identifying, preserving, and sustaining a region’s natural resources is known as landscape planning. It contributes to ensuring that we can use our natural resources wisely and that they will be available for future generations.

Because geomatics and landscape planning are application-oriented sciences with a standardized sequence of work stages, such as data gathering, data management, data analysis and evaluation, and presentation of the analyses’ results, these disciplines are employed in landscape planning.

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