Exactly How Many Types of Sugar Are There?

Exactly How Many Types of Sugar Are There

Sugar is the most common food ingredient that goes in almost all the foods we cook or purchase from a restaurant or supermarket. One can not simply avoid sugar because it is even present in foods that are not sweet like savory items. However, have you ever pondered upon this that something like sugar that is being used in almost all the food items, is it just one thing, or does it also have types? Salt also comes in different types like pink salt and rock salt, and we are pretty familiar with all their names and their particular usage, but how much do we all know about sugar? Let’s dive deep into this sugary world and get to know it more together.

  • Granulated Sugar:

The most common type of sugar that we all use in our households is granulated sugar; it is the most refined form of sugar and is suited for various purposes. The other names for granulated sugar are refined sugar, table sugar, and white sugar. South African granulated sugar is said to be the best among all others, sugar manufacturers. Every South Africa sugar exporter specifically makes granulated sugar from sugar beets and sugarcane.

  • Caster Sugar:

The second most common type of sugar is caster sugar; it is even more finely granulated than granulated sugar and is perfectly white in color. As its granules are much fine than granulated sugar, it dissolves quicker, making everything so much easier.

  • Confectionery Sugar:

These two types of sugar are perfect, but do you know what confectioners use to get that perfect texture while trying to get that same look and taste at home but failing miserably? It is confectionery sugar; it is different from the other two in the sense that it is a completely powered form of sugar. This makes it easy to dissolve into batters and other things and sweeten them without changing their texture or anything.

  • Pearl Sugar:

Then there is pearl sugar which is a type of white sugar, its structure is like it has coarse, and its texture is very hard and has opaque color. This is probably the only sugar that doesn’t melt very easily and remains hard even in high temperatures. There it is mainly used for decorative purposes in baking.

  • Sanding Sugar:

The sugar that you see dusted on some cookies and biscuits is sanding sugar, it isn’t powdery or granulated, but it is somewhere between them. It is crystal-like and also has good heat resistance quality. It not just sweetens the cookies but adds a good texture to them. The unique thing about this sugar is that it is made in a variety of different colors.

  • Brown Sugar:

The other common type of sugar that is considered to be less unhealthy than other sugars is brown sugar. It is made from molasses instead of sugar cane; therefore, it is said to be less harmful than regular sugar and perhaps is often used as an alternative.