Black Friday Deals

There will be intense competition among stores for the attention and spending of customers during this sale.

Not many shopping days can compete with Black Friday.

It’s not only the beginning of the holiday shopping season, but also one of the biggest sales days ever. It’s that time of year when businesses launch their biggest advertising campaigns.

This results in some of the most original and professionally executed advertising campaigns you’ll see all year.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday marketing campaigns of all time in case you’re interested in seeing them or need some ideas for your own.

Some of the Greatest Cyber Monday Email Promotions Ever

It’s not surprising that email has been a major part of successful Black Friday marketing campaigns in the past. Email marketing has the highest conversion rate for Black Friday promotions (4.29% on average), per Shopify.

As an added bonus, email marketing automation allows for a great deal of flexibility, making it a foolproof method of reaching your goals.

You need look no further than the following examples of effective email marketing campaigns for ideas of your own.


Apple’s email marketing strategy is brilliant in that it gradually releases messages leading up to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

They started early so that the email campaign would be a surprise on Friday morning rather than a letdown.

A couple of weeks prior to the sales weekend, they sent out an email announcing (or teasing) their sale. The week before the event, another email was sent out that detailed exactly what Apple would be providing.
Apple is able to increase its share of customers’ wallets by advertising its offer before customers have made up their minds about where to spend their money.

Your own Black Friday email marketing campaign can easily take advantage of this tactic. Check out our advice for Black Friday sales emails if you want to learn more about how to run email campaigns in November and December.

Excellent Social Media Promotions for Black Friday

With more and more people opting to shop online instead of in-store on Black Friday, it’s no surprise that businesses are turning to social media to reach potential customers.

As a result, some truly remarkable social media campaigns have been launched.


Communication in social media is always two-way.

You aren’t simply broadcasting your message to your intended audience, as you would with more conventional forms of media. Instead, your target market can send feedback and engage with your company directly.

Professionals who market on social media know this and use it to their advantage. Like Kohl’s Black Friday advertisement.

Kohl’s received a lot of online interaction before and on Black Friday thanks to a survey campaign it ran across all of its social media channels.

Interaction with your posts is highly valued by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a result, their posts will reach more people naturally, and they’ll spend less money on paid promotion.

If you want to follow Kohl’s example, make sure your social media posts include prominent calls to action so you can monetize your audience’s interest. Finally, the goal should be to turn visitors into paying customers.

The Best Anti-Black-Friday Ads of All Time

Has the onslaught of Black Friday advertising made you sick of it already? We regret to inform you that your exposure to them will increase significantly as November 29th approaches.

Fortunately, these initiatives to counteract Black Friday will prove to be an effective antidote.

Retailers running such campaigns are bucking the trend of trying to maximise profits during the shopping holiday.

Here are the top anti-Black-Friday campaigns, whether their goal is to promote ethical consumption, support a good cause, or just poke fun at the shopping holiday.

Initiating Your Own Cyber Monday Ad Campaigns

In other words, we won’t be sugarcoating anything. It will be challenging to top the ingenuity of these Black Friday ads.

You should now be sufficiently inspired to go out and create your own campaigns. Check out the top Black Friday campaign ideas that 18 industry professionals came up with when we asked them for their input.

Examples of effective Black Friday emails and a library of potential subject lines are just two of the many tools we provide to assist you in creating successful email marketing campaigns.

Below, you’ll find a link to our central Black Friday/Cyber Monday information hub.

Sending best wishes for a successful Black Friday Deals push.