Expedite Your Tasks by Working Less: Export Emails to Sheets


Email is the home of crucial information for small business owners, housing the data from invoices and queries to event signups. Many of us remain ignorant of how much of our lives are stowed on these communication platforms. Small businesses do major work through email, dealing with vendors, associates, and consumers and preserving vital information daily.

Even though it requires independent analysis, this disorganized and unrelated material is stored combined. Significant hours of routine manual mining, gathering, and arranging this data can be better utilized with automated email processing. And that’s where cloudHQ lightens your burden with their email parser.

Email Parsers

An email parser is processing software that extracts data from inbound emails. It reduces your workload by cutting the need for manual data entry or the salary expense of commissioning the task to others.

Email parsers follow parsing rules indicating where and how to scan for and extract different data fields from emails. Unstructured emails can be processed into manageable, organized data, such as a Google spreadsheet, with ultimate examination becoming easier.

The Benefits of Automated Email Parsing

You will no longer have to manually process emails for yourself, your organization, or your customers, irrespective of your occupation or profession. CloudHQ offers the following one-click solutions:

To Collect and Parse Invoice Data

This wizard will scan email messages holding invoices from PayPal, Stripe, Quickbooks, etc., and extract the following information:

● Number of the invoice
● Due Balance in the invoice
● Date of Invoice
● PDF file for email
● PDF file for the invoice

All invoices will be preserved and organized by year in your Google Drive. When you receive a new invoice, our automated system will update it with the respective information to your Google Spreadsheet.

For the Status of Orders and Customer Feedback

This wizard will discover and evaluate all alerts and customer interactions on Etsy, eBay, and Shopify, among other similar websites.

The export job identifies modifications, alerts, and client interactions from such sites. The wizard will then capture and save the following information in a Google spreadsheet:

● Notification classification
● Messages
● URLs
● Name of the customer
● Customer’s Email address and contact number

For Delivery and Shipping Information

This wizard will detect and parse all shipment notification emails sent by FedEx, the United States Postal Service, etc. The export job will retrieve the following data from all of your inbox notifications by itself, adding information whenever more updates arrive:

● Tracking IDs
● Tracking URLs
● Recipient’s Name
● Shipping Address (Home/Office)
● Types
● Statuses

Locate All Email Addresses That Bounced

Sending emails to bounced addresses is one of the swiftest ways to jeopardize your sender’s reputation on the Web. This is particularly true for small businesses that utilize WordPress extensions or operate email campaigns through private accounts. Before commencing a new email campaign, our wizard produces a Google Sheet for you to detect and remove bounced emails quickly. It ensures that your email messages reach their intended recipients’ inboxes and that you preserve a positive sender reputation.

How to Install the Chrome Extension

You may install Export Emails to Google Sheets by cloudHQ with these steps:

1. Add this extension by clicking on Add to Chrome.
2. Click the Add extension button within the dialog box.
3. After installation, your Gmail will be accessible. Click Create Account on the box that appears.
4. You may now gather, backup, and process email messages in Google Sheets. To initiate the wizard:

● Click the cloudHQ icon present in the upper right corner of your Gmail
● Select Go To Dashboard
● Then click on the icon Export Emails to Sheets
● Click the Start Wizard for Export Emails to Sheets button.

An email parser bypasses manual data entry requirements, concluding your projects ahead of schedule. With an email parser to automate data extraction, the data transferred from your emails to Google Sheets or other business applications is error-free and accurate. CloudHQ allows you to be more efficient and productive while working less. Try Export Email to Sheets now!