If you thought divorce is as simple as a relationship break-up, you’re wrong. You not only have to decide to leave the person whom you married but you also have to consider all the logistics that are associated with it. Though it might seem a daunting task to seek the help of a lawyer, along with determining your present financial condition, looking for a new home, these steps will help you move on. 


As soon as you know what’s in store for you in the path ahead, you gain confidence and you start working towards your goals. In case you’re not sure about where exactly you should start off with, here are the few steps to take before calling your marriage quits. 

  • Appoint a trustworthy divorce attorney


It goes without mentioning that it is less costly and simpler if both you and your spouse can settle matters without litigation, but if that is not something possible for you, you should ensure having a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio by your side. Before appointing you, you should make sure he is eager and willing to litigate the case at the court. The attorney should know the value of settling matters quickly and should be earnestly willing to fight for you. 

  • Start building up a good individual credit score


Soon after you file for a divorce, it can get tough to buy a car or a home due to having shared credit along with your ex-spouse for a long span of time. This is why you should establish your individual credit score. In case you’re someone who doesn’t have any credit in your name, it is better to establish some before getting divorced. Get a credit card in your name and start making timely payments. 

  • Regulate your finances


Wouldn’t you like to get a clear idea of where you and your spouse stand on the monetary front. One of the main goals of the process of divorce is to make an equal distribution of marital debts and assets. Unless you understand your finances, you won’t be able to work to get a fair share of divorce settlements. 

  • Examine your joint bank accounts


Whenever you realize that you’re finally going to get a divorce, it is pretty common for a spouse to start raiding the financial accounts. While at times, you may do this out of frustration, at times you may also do this on the advice given by your divorce attorney. No matter what sort of divorce case you’re going through, your ultimate goal should be to prevent your spouse from being able to clean out any joint account. 


Before any divorce proceedings and during them, you should be extra watchful about your behavior. Any inappropriate behavior can be used against you by the attorney of your spouse and hence you need to be highly aware of your actions. This is true when child custody is an issue between you and your spouse.