Are seasonal tyres fitted to your car? Do you switch your tyres when the season changes? What happens with the tyres that were demounted?

If you recently bought a car and saw the first seasonal change, you need to have answers to all these questions. If you fail to do so, you will be wasting your money on buying Bridgestone Tyres Worthing every new season.

We all know that the season changes throughout the year and the need to change tyres also increases. 

It is observed that many motorists do not store their tyres and end up buying new tyres which can be extremely costly.

For all the new drivers, you must know efficient ways to protect your seasonal tyres. There are so many benefits of doing this. It might sound difficult but with little practice, you will be just fine. Many experienced drivers store their tyres every season and use them again in the next.

There are little tricks and a strategy that you need to adapt for storing your tyres. 

Why is storing seasonal tyres important?

The life of your tyres is impossible to predict but using the same tyre throughout the year can severely damage them to the extent where they cannot be repaired.

For instance- Using summer tyres in winters can be dangerous so it is preferred to use winter tyres when the climate changes. Meanwhile, storing your summer tyres is also important because the temperature change can damage the rubber surface of summer tyres. If you do not store the tyres properly. 

Thus, if you want to save your money and protect your tyres from weather changes, you need to store them appropriately. This will not only increase their life but also efficiently sustain their physical and chemical properties.

Amazing tips on storing your tyres

After all, storing your car tyres is not that difficult and a rare thing to do. You just have to be alert and know certain tricks about them.

Storing your tyres is a fundamental aspect that needs to be performed not only when the season changes but when the tyres are not being used.

Store your tyres in the right atmosphere- Depending on the type of tyre you are storing; you will need to store them appropriately. If you are storing summer tyres, you will need to have a place with less direct sunlight and room temperature just like summer hot weather conditions.

It might be in your garage or any of the extra rooms in your home. And if you are storing winter tyres, then you will need to have a cold dark room with no direct UV rays. 

Take the weight of the tyres- You must be aware that tyres are a combination of several parts and one of the support systems of your tyres is its wheels and they are quite heavy. When you are storing your tyres, always try to demount the wheels and the tyre structure.

This will put off the weight and you can even hang the tyres to save space in the room.

By any chance, if you do not want to remove the wheels then you must put them vertically standing against the wall or on the shelf.

Always clean the tyres – Whenever you are switching your tyres, try to clean them properly. Wash your tyres with lukewarm water and a light detergent. The purpose of washing and cleaning your tyres is to inspect them.

Keep your tyres away from heat– when you are storing your tyres, find an isolated place where there are no chemicals, heat, or any chance of weather change. You shouldn’t store them in an open place, out in the parking lot. You should always store your Car Tyres Worthing in the garage or maybe you’re home.

If you are storing your tyres, pack them properly in plastic wrap so that your tyres stay safe from moisture. Also, there is no need to put lubrication and protectants on the rubber surface as they will damage the tyre.