Dean Faiello buried Maria Cruz’s body under a concrete slab in his garage.

ByAllie WeintraubJoseph RheeMarc DorianTami SheheriKeren SchiffmanAlison Lynn, and Gerry Wagschal
December 8, 2022, 11:18 PM

Dean Faiello appeared to have it all. He had looks that turned heads, charisma that lit up a room and a successful skin and laser clinic in New York City. One thing he didn’t have, however, was a license to practice medicine on his high-end clientele.

Faiello’s stint as a fake doctor ground to a halt after the death of a woman in his care nearly 20 years ago.

Speaking exclusively to “20/20,” Faiello is now revealing what he says are the full details of what happened to that woman, a 35-year-old investment banker named Maria Cruz, who died during a laser treatment in April 2003. A devout Catholic, Cruz had immigrated to the United States from the Philippines. She earned an MBA from Fordham University and had a successful career in finance.

“I know I was drunk and high during her final treatment. She was in a lot of discomfort, and it was a long treatment, and I used too many vials of lidocaine,” Faiello told ABC News senior investigative correspondent David Scott.

PHOTO: Dean Faiello walks with ABC News correspondent David Scott.
Dean Faiello walks with ABC News correspondent David Scott.
ABC News

Months prior, Faiello was charged with three counts of practicing medicine without a license. He was ordered to stop treating patients, but continued doing so out of a friend’s apartment in lower Manhattan.