Every website owner, operator, and SEO wants their website to move to the top on Google and other search engines. SEO executives, who are well versed in their skill, know that the two major components required for a website to move up in search engine rankings are;

  • Top-quality content
  • Top-quality backlinks

Having backlinks from high authority websites will automatically boost the ranking of a website. However, Google and other search engines know that any site with backlinks from high authority websites should rank among the top websites in its niche.

Building top quality backlinks to other websites is easier said than done. Not too long ago, website operators got this wrong notion that the more backlinks their website had, the higher it would rank on Google. Scammers used this misconception and offered thousands of backlinks at throwaway prices. Web owners who fell for this scam realized their mistake when Google penalized their sites.

Instead of quantity, the quality of the backlinks matters in improving a website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Today, website operators and SEOs have to be cautious in getting backlinks to their websites. 

Check Backlinks

As the operator or SEO, you should regularly check your website’s backlinks. It is important to know which websites link to your site, which are credible and which are spam links. You can use a backlink checker to monitor the total backlinks pointing to your website in a few seconds. The backlink checker tool will show you all the backlinks pointing to your website along with different backlinks metrics, including:

  • Domain Rating 
  • Referring Domains
  • Referring IPs.
  • Do-follow and No-follow links
  • Anchor Text

In the results, you can find high ranking web and blog sites that link to your website. Additionally, you can check if your site has any suspicious spam links. And if you find spammy links, get them removed immediately.

Discover Link Building Opportunities

Link building requires patience to select the right websites from where your site can earn backlinks. There are a few ways to create quality backlinks. There is no need to use black hat techniques. 

Black hat employs tactics to try and fool search engines to improve website rankings. But search engines are intelligent, and when they find websites that are using tactics to fool them, these sites are punished.

There are no shortcuts to building backlinks; it will take time to do that. Below, we have discussed some tips that help you build quality backlinks:

  • Find blog sites

Identify high authority blog sites in your industry and become a source of information for them. Bloggers, like journalists, are always on the lookout for top quality content. If you have this information and upload it on your site, bloggers will start linking to your site.

  • Place top quality content

If you want to discover sites with high domain authority in your niche, you can use a backlink checker to check their backlinks. Read the content of their top linking pages and see why viewers are creating links to them. Next, you have to get better content written that is more informative and place it on your website. 

  • Build links to sites with high domain authority

Websites with a 70+ domain authority are considered high ranking sites. After you have noted the websites in your niche with high domain authority, you can create backlinks to these authority sites.

  • Build relationships with high authority websites

You can request high authority websites in your industry to allow you to create links to their site. To build a friendly relationship with them, you can give positive comments on their posts and let them respond. You can then move forward in creating a positive relationship with them, which will lead to building backlinks to your website. 

  • Use social media 

Building relationships over social media is one of the best ways to generate high-quality backlinks. One way of establishing yourself is by being an expert in your field and active on social media. You must be honest, not sound bland, and don’t use fluffy language.


The link building tactics mentioned above can help you improve your site’s backlink profile. However, if you want your site to succeed in this competitive environment, then make sure to monitor your site and your competitors’ site backlinks.