Find The Best Online Resource For Your Wet Location Lighting System Needs


Are you a business owner looking for the best lighting systems for wet locations? You must tread carefully because the lights for such locations must have specific features and characteristics. Wet location lighting is significantly different from traditional lighting.

The efficiency and durability of a lighting system depend on several factors. If you believe buying the most expensive and premium bulb will solve the problem, you are mistaken. The performance of a lighting system depends largely on where they are installed. In certain conditions, such as wet and humid locations, the longevity of the bulbs can be severely affected as they are exposed to moisture round the clock. That’s why your business must invest in temporary lighting systems designed specifically for wet locations.

What Is A Wet Location?

A wet location is defined as an area with a continuous presence of water. In a business, the wet location can be indoors or outdoors. In such places, you need not only the best lighting system but also one that’s designed specifically for illuminating wet areas. Water may splash or drip on the lighting in these areas, and there is always the risk of potential damage to the electrical components of the fixture. 

Construction string lights are also suitable for use in wet locations and specific manufacturing areas where steam and moisture are generated. When you choose lighting fixtures for these areas, they should meet the safety and operational regulations. The electrical components must be designed to have protection from water. 

Use of Temporary Lighting Systems

Temporary lighting systems also find application in shipyards, tents, tunnels, cruise ships, bridges, mines, and highway construction worksites. While shopping for temporary lighting systems, you must look for a brand that enjoys a reputation for solid performance, longevity, and fair pricing. 

The best lighting systems are the ones that are molded in solid rubber for impeccable protection from the elements and constant moisture exposure. They are also designed for high output illumination to provide clear visibility over a large area.

The lamp socket is an important component of construction string light. To gain optimal wattage, without having to cut the main cable, the lamp sockets must be soldered for optimal wattage. The best brand in the market comes with steel ring protection around the socket to prevent damage while handling or dropping. 

You can also use waterproof rubber molded LED construction string lights with LED boards. They can produce illumination of up to 5000 lumens at 5000 Kelvin. 

Choose the Best

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Apart from construction string lights, Duraline also supplies hand lights and trouble lights. They are designed for extreme durability and can be used in various settings. You can trust Duraline to deliver just the kind of lighting solutions you need to get the job done quickly. The company offers flexible lighting products that can be customized to meet your needs.