There are thousands of options when it comes to booking your Nepal Helicopter Tour, so how do you go about finding the perfect one? Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the best tour for you, from tips on where to book to recommendations on what to look out for, whether you’re travelling solo or as part of a group. Find out how to get more bangs for your buck by avoiding all the usual mistakes, and get started on your Everest Helicopter Tour today!

Choosing the Best Helicopter Tour

There are many factors to consider when deciding which helicopter tour is best for your visit to Nepal. A few of these factors include: price, safety, and duration. But one of most important questions you must ask yourself when choosing an Everest Helicopter tour is How do I want to experience my visit? Here are a few other considerations. Do you prefer higher altitudes or lower altitudes? Are you visiting with someone who isn’t as interested in seeing Mount Everest? These all make a difference in your Nepal tour packages .

Choosing sharing helicopter with other people

If, you are solo or a couple, we can share helicopter to Everest tour from Kathmandu. We have Everest flight every day from domestic airport. Similarly, you can share helicopter and cost of tour with other group. We don’t mind to provide you window seats even though you are solo.

Ground transportation to Airport

Boundless Adventure always picks up early morning from your hotel and drive to the domestic airport by car/van/ Bus. Depend on size of your group. Off we’ll pick you up even though you are solo and drops off to your hotel in Kathmandu after explore Mount Everest.

Choosing the Right Time to Take Off

While you want to make sure your tour will provide optimal views of Mt. Everest and its surrounding mountains, a key part of finding your perfect Everest helicopter tour is timing. Many tour operators restrict dates for flying out to Base Camp or farther because of safety concerns and some even stop giving tours in May due to monsoon season in Nepal. Weather patterns are different every year, so be sure to check with your operator about availability of flights before booking anything, otherwise you risk not being able to fly at all. If flying on an extreme weather day, most companies promise that their pilots have flown these routes many times (or have many more flights under their belt), and can often still provide spectacular views from higher altitudes, though you will not get any closer than base camp.

Choosing a Pilot

Make sure that your pilot is certified to fly in Nepal Himalayas. Boundless Adventure (p) Ltd will probably be able to help you choose a reputable company, but it’s worth doing a little research on your own before booking anything. Google Nepal helicopter accident and see if any articles pop up about any past accidents or mishaps involving the company you are considering flying with. Be aware of what type of aircraft is being used for tours, too; helicopters with larger propellers and blades can climb steeper and hold more people at one time, but they also tend to be less safe than those with smaller propellers and shorter blades. Always double-check that everything has been properly secured in your transport vehicle—including yourself!