Firewall Plays a Huge Part in Fire Safety


Your home is the most secure location you’ll ever find. Thus, it’s the most acceptable place to call home. Only your house provides you the freedom to be yourself while also allowing you to create memories with your near and dear ones. Although you may not be conscious of the threats that bound your property, you may not give them proper attention.

At home, harmful equipment such as electric grills, gas stoves, and other similar items might pose a risk to your home. These belongings have been ingrained in everyone’s daily lives, so it’s only natural to consider ways to avoid fires at residences and assure safety.

Fire utilises matter and oxygen both to endure, and that is why it is considered a living element. The blaze and smoke arising from the fire is itself more life intimidating than the actual fire. When the wood has burnt, the smoke produced from it causes dizziness and due to which the level of alertness is lowered by the action of toxic gases emitted from the fire. Such a scenario can take place anywhere no matter if it is your house, office, or any other public place. This generates the question of how we can reduce such mishaps.

Put your troubles aside; we are here with the solution! CenturyPly has developed fire-combating plywood to address this issue and ensure interior safety. This fire retardant ply is created with a game-changing tech called Firewall, which ensures that the plywood in your interiors is entirely fire-resistant. After all, living better and more completely is only possible when homes are perfectly safe, which CenturyPly’s Firewall technology provides.

   1. Reduced flammability:

This plywood doesn’t easily catch fire when compared to ordinary plywood. Because of this feature, you will have ample time to organise your actions carefully if the abode is on fire, as well as time to flee.

   2. Minimal spreadability:

Nano-designed matters with fire-battling properties are used in this plywood. This wood opposes fire penetration for around 50 minutes( under standard testing conditions), which can help to mitigate the devastation that a fire disaster could otherwise do.

   3. Decreased smoke discharges:

Inhalation of hazardous fumes is the leading cause of mortality in any fire. The harmful gases clog the chest and make breathing difficult. As a result, this plywood lowers smoke emissions and the threat of choking.

These features of this ply ensure all-around safety to your home and provide fire accident prevention. This tech-oriented fire-fighting ply can be installed in residential as well as commercial areas to reduce the chances of fire accidents at public places like banks, schools, shopping malls, cinemas, worship places, etc. All these places have so much wooden crafted furniture that can be easily captured by fire, caused due to carelessness of individuals, and will take just a few minutes to set the place on fire.

So to avoid such mass destruction, fire safety is a must. You just can’t wait for the incident to happen and call the fire station to help you out. Instead of this, you need to make a wise decision while constructing such buildings and incorporating firewall-enabled tech plywood.

Using this plywood will make the builder or house owner assured that in the future, if there is some fire-related hassle, then no life loss is going to happen because of his one right step towards the prevention. Deaths from a fire can be very threatening to experience, and the visuals of such incidents affect our brains a lot. Also, people who have a phobia of fire must get this plywood used in their houses for making doors, panes, kitchens, and other furnishings.

This preventive measure can be fruitful for you and your generations, and without thinking once about any such accidents, you quickly get out of your places whenever you wish to. This ply should also be used by top-notch hospitality facilities like hotels, etc., as continuous fire-related work is being carried out there on a daily basis.