Five food dishes to try in Hawaii

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Many people rave about their travel destinations but are most especially delighted when talking about their trip to Hawaii. The 50th U.S state can amaze people with its natural beauty, rich culture, and enticing islands, waiting to be explored. Indeed, travelers are bound to discover something special on the Hawaiian islands.

It makes sense why people always have Hawaii as their top travel destination. It is also home to some of the most stunning and picturesque beaches in the world. Travelers can easily find turquoise waters and white sands whenever they feel for a swim and unwind.

There are also countless activities, nature trips in Oahu, fun attractions, and breathtaking natural sceneries to enjoy. Undoubtedly, such reasons are enough to persuade people to find relaxation and escape the stresses of life.

But aside from Hawaii being an eye-pleaser, it is also known for its food. Hence, also a tummy pleaser. To get a taste of local Hawaiian cuisine, travelers can find lots of amazing local restaurants and food stalls.

The traditional Hawaiian food can be infused with other local ethnic-style dishes, mixed into Hawaiian cuisine. However, the native Hawaiian food and culture are inherently unique which is why the traditional cooking styles from the past have remained.

These local Hawaiian food dishes typically consist of fruit and vegetables, both of which are mostly grown on volcanic islands. Fresh meat, like pork and chicken, is also predominant meat in Hawaii. 

As time passed, locals and immigrants from other countries have introduced a new mixture of flavors and fusion of cuisines. Such delicious foods are served at restaurants, local eateries, delis, and even farmers markets around the islands that sell prepared foods to go.

Find out some of the dishes to try in the Aloha State in this infographic from Go Hawaii Tours.

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