Fix QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost Glitch Now

QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost
QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost

The QuickBooks application always attempts to offer ease and comfort along with keeping up with the user requirements. It also makes sure that the users continue working with a smooth and seamless experience of workflow with complicated business data. But what if you get a message stating, “QuickBooks connection has been lost.” The QuickBooks accounting application always asks for regular updates for the same motive, but updating the application is not as easy as upgrading it. Updating is shifting the software to a new version, but on the other end, upgrading the earlier edition to the current version requires a certain procedure.

The entire upgrade process needs an organized and proper process, and whenever QB users report the QuickBooks Connection Has Been Lost error, they need to pay attention to solve the glitch. In this blog, we would like to talk about this bug so that you go through the solutions to get the QuickBooks Connection error settled with easy methods.

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How To Verify The QuickBooks Lost Connection Issue?

If you witness any of the following signs in your QuickBooks application program or computer system, then consider that you have faced the connection issues –

  1. The very first one is the inability to access, open, and operate the QuickBooks company data file.
  2. If any such similar issue has arrived in the device already, then also it’s one of the symptoms of the QuickBooks connection error.
  3. If the server is failing to connect with your server workstation, then again, you can consider this as a sign of a QuickBooks error in connection.
  4. Another sign can be considered when you fail to create or delete a non-company QuickBooks data file or folder.
  5. The instability in the device while you run a wireless connection is also a sign of a QuickBooks connection abort issue.
  6. If your system unexpectedly crashes or freezes out of the blue, then it’s also one of the signs of QB application connection error.

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Troubleshooting Ways To Fix QuickBooks Connection Error

Way 1 – Host Your Multi-user Access:

  1. First, make sure that your QB server is using the Multi-User mode and the server workstation is running in the Single-User mode.
  2. Second of all, apart from the hosting computer, in the server workstations, you need to click on the File tab and select the Utilities button.
  3. Now, check if your Host Multi-User Access is available on the list or not. After this, the workstations must display Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option. Finally, click on the same to disable it.

Way 2 – Check Your Portable Drive:

  1. Ensure to insert the removable device is properly. After this, disconnect and reconnect your drive to find your QuickBooks company data file from My Computer on that very removable drive.
  2. Make sure that the portable drive has enough available space and must hold free space double the size of your QB company data file.

The Conclusion!

Get your hands on these ways to solve the QuickBooks connection has been lost bug immediately. Call our support team at 1-855-856-0042 for more technical support!

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