Fix QuickBooks POS Error 140014: When You Cannot Access Your Company File


Suddenly encountered a QuickBooks POS error 140014 while using the QuickBooks accounting software? You don’t need to worry, though, because this article will walk you through every action you can take to resolve the issue in question as well as discuss its underlying reasons. The connectivity between the QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks POS is the source of the error, according to the error series 14XXXX. The following error message is displayed on the screen: QuickBooks POS cannot access your company file for QuickBooks Financial Software. Reading this article all the way through will undoubtedly be helpful fix QuickBooks POS error 140014.

Causes of QuickBooks POS Error 140014

Such errors may occur for the reasons listed below:

  • When running QuickBooks with No Company Window selected by the user.
  • Alternatively, if there are problems with the QB file.
  • Damaged and distorted data is yet another reason for Account mapping
  • Moreover, if the activity log error appears
  • Such a mistake can also result by exchanging data that is not set up in QuickBooks.


Methods To Resolve QuickBooks POS Error 140014

The following actions can be taken to successfully solve the issue:

Method 1: Enable QuickBooks Point of Sale Preference

  • The user should initially access the QuickBooks POS
  • When finished, he or she can go to the file menu.
  • Go to the preferences tab now, and then choose the finance option.
  • Make sure the file location is accurate before moving on to the option labeled “setup QuickBooks connection.”
  • Check the issue and restart the system to complete the process.


Method 2: Adjust the UAC settings to Never Notify


  • To complete this procedure, go to the control panel.
  • The UAC settings are then saved after that.
  • The user is then expected to switch from the slider to the never notify bar.
  • After that, restart the computer and see whether the problem persists.


Method 3: Updating QuickBooks desktop and point of sale

Step1: Fix QuickBooks Desktop first

  • To complete this stage, the user must simultaneously press the windows and R tabs.
  • Then, in the Run window, select Control.
  • The next action is to select the “ok”
  • Make sure you choose the programs tab after that.
  • Select the Programs and Features tab.
  • From the list that displays on the screen, choose the desktop.
  • Moreover, press the uninstall button right away.
  • Click the “yes” button if prompted.
  • then click the Next button.
  • Afterward, select Repair.
  • Then select the next tab
  • Tap the repair tab one more.
  • Click the tab that says. Close the programmes automatically and try to start them again.
  • Select “OK”
  • Allow the process to finish. It could take some time.
  • When done, click the finish tab.


Step 2: Rectify QuickBooks Point of Sale issues

  • You must shut down the QuickBooks Point of Sale application for point of sale.
  • Additionally, make sure you click the R and Windows tabs.
  • Go to the Run window and type control there.
  • Select the Ok tab, then select Programs.
  • Click the “Programs and Features”
  • Choose QuickBooks point of sale version from the software list after going there.
  • If you see a repair option, select it and wait for the procedure to complete.


Method 4: Update QuickBooks POS and Desktop

  • Close the Point of Sale and the QB desktop initially.
  • Continue by going to the website for QuickBooks download and update.
  • Select the Product, Version, and Country now.
  • and then press the Search button.
  • When finished, select the Get the Latest Updates tab.
  • Depending on the company file size, this procedure could take some time.
  • then the file with the specified extension.
  • exe will be downloaded.
  • The user then needs to select the yes tab.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade procedure.


Method 5:  Create a New Window User


  • To start Windows, the user should click on the Start button.
  • Then, enter the Control Panel there.
  • Once you’ve finished, select User Accounts.
  • The next action is to move the cursor to Manage accounts.
  • Select the “Create a new account”
  • Select “admin” as the user type.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Pull the never notify bar once the UAC window has opened.
  • Running the QuickBooks financial transaction is the final step.

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We hope that by the time this article is finished, the information given above will be useful in resolving the fix QuickBooks POS problem code 140014. However, we advise users to contact our QuickBooks support staff if the error persists for any reason or if they require any kind of technical support. Call us at 1 800 761 1787 and we’ll offer instant technical support.