Floral Art The Wedding Escape


Ever dreamt of a place that makes you feel alive, that resonates you in the best way possible, that gives you infinite stories, yet makes you speechless – join us as you witness the sheer beauty of the world around us. We at Floral Art by Srishti, resent to you a chance to escape this reality with us for this wedding season – we bring to you The Wedding Escape – our newest collection of floral jewellery, décor setups and more all inspired by landscapes and personalities of places – Amazon, Sahara, Scandinavia, and Savannah.

Calling out to all those beautiful brides to be – who are searching for their style, passion, fashion, and love – we are here for you with the best of our exquisite collection, perfect to escape the wedding madness! Floral Jewellery, garlands, bridal entry ideas and accessories, wedding décor set ups, photoshoot setups and much more – experience the art of blooming like never before with Floral Art by Srishti.

So, are you ready to travel with us? Stay Tuned!

1. Amazon

Welcome to the tropical Amazon. We bring to you the vibrant florals with exquisite designs inspired by the vast greens of the amazon region. Indulge in the pure essence of nature with us this season. Put together with indigenous elements like the beautiful butterflies, vibrant pineapples and unique florals, with hues of purple and blues, bright reds and sober greens, this is your chance to take a step towards the beauty that awaits you for your wedding. Are you ready for the escape?

2. Sahara

Dreaming of sitting astride a camel and sleeping under the stars. Let the sun shine bright and your fingers trail through the soft sand, as beams of light create a latticework of blues to yellow-oranges across the dunes. With marigolds twirling around and mirrors reflecting rays of hope, enter the world of traditional Moroccan designs with block print inspired textiles. Shimmer through the wedding in our intricately designed florals, made just for you. Come on this journey with us, as we take you through the Sahara and take that Wedding Escape.

3. Savannah

Modern bright and bold designs meet classic tribal colours, minimal rustic designs with leaves and grass and signature silhouettes – presenting to you Savannah – your guide to experience this journey in all it’s glory. With unique bamboo art and inspired florals, with detailing of jute and coin work – take this plunge with us and complete your wedding look with bridal garland that set you apart – take that
Wedding Escape.

4. Scandinavia

Can life be more beautiful than on a summer’s day in Scandinavia? A few things come to mind when we think of Scandinavia: hygge, modern, minimalist furniture, avant garde dining, the Northern Lights.Bringing to you the best of this region and all its dreamy landscapes. With colours that set you apart and make your fairy-tale dream come true, be ready to be your own princess with our bridal accessories like
the floral hats and umbrellas, made with the finest of pearls, feathers – in shades of pastels, white and peach hues combined with the softness of the fur – singing of that silver lining in every part – level up
with designs that describe your every mood, enter the world of Scandinavia with us, experience the best of Wedding Escape.

Do you love our new collection of Floral Art designs? If so, then do get in touch with us if you would like to place an order for your upcoming wedding ceremony. You can call us on +91 9833989613 for further inquires.