Fortnite’s Zero Build Mode is The Best Entry Point for Beginners


Aside from the stupid joke, the concept of the famous battle royale game Fortnite without its signature building system might be shocking. Even the name of the game alludes to the importance of gathering resources and constructing sophisticated structures to aid in defense against foes or to create the ideal vantage point from which to snipe a target.

Fortnite’s Zero Build Mode is The Best Entry Point

But in March, developer Epic Games removed the building mechanisms and finally offered a distinct Zero Build mode that allowed players to play without the construction aspects. Some veteran fans were stunned by the debut of the new mode, but it also breathed fresh life into the scene. As it turns out, constructing the improvised structures could be scary for those with less experience. And now, with Zero Build, I can say: I understand the buzz. Yes, Fortnite is now one of the best games available.

In Fortnite, you can participate solo or in teams of up to four against 100 other players in a battle royale where the last combatant (or big banana) standing wins. Without the construction system, Fortnite becomes a “normal” shooter. I use quotation marks since the game is as cartoonish as ever and does not feel at all generic. The game is gaudy and utterly insane, presenting a never-ending fever dream of hilarious situations.

Allow me to set one of the numerous possible Zero Build sequences. You enter a vehicle that appears to be based on the Toyota Prius. You are standing next to a gigantic shirtless banana (whose shirtlessness is represented by a peeled top), Ariana Grande, and Naruto’s serial murderer Itachi Uchiha. You activate the radio. “Wait a Moment!” by Willow is performed (not a cover, mind you, but the actual song). You appreciate the melody, but it is interrupted when you approach an enemy-infested picturesque town. Ariana Grande and the banana (called Peely) smash through the car windows in order to fire machine guns at Ryu and Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter.

The Best Game For Everyone

Zero Build’s eccentricity conceals an exquisite simplicity, making it all the more appealing. The experience of logging into Fortnite only to be completely destroyed by a 10-year-old who is incredibly terrible at construction wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world. You must manage gathering enough construction resources with actually building and murdering other players, not to mention obtaining a weapon, accumulating ammunition, and stockpiling healing goods.

Zero Build, on the other hand, frees you additional time to study the fundamentals of battle. Since you no longer need to gather resources or construct a sniper’s nest, you have far more time to explore the planet. My friends and I utilized the scientific approach of “mess around, discover out” when playing and enjoyed in how much there was to complete in between spars. We rode a roller coaster, did donuts in a modified speedboat, and then held a contest to see how far inland that speedboat could travel.

The inclusion of Ariana Grande and the Naruto characters has alluded to this, but Fortnite’s appeal comes in its general whimsy and aesthetic accessibility. The game eschews blood and gore in favor of a colorful, cartoonish aesthetic. At this point, the grim, militaristic graphics of Warzone and PUBG have become stale. Even when contrasted to a more hospitable game like Apex Legends, Fortnite’s appearance and approach appear subdued.

Fortnite takes itself in no way seriously. This does not mean I never get a little sweaty and try too hard during matches. But it is a game in which you may have an incredible kill streak and listen to Willow while filling up your Prius. Zero Build has converted me into the game’s biggest fan because it is both thrilling and bizarre.

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