Freed – Medical AI Scribe Review


I am Kate, a primary care physician who loves her job and I get a lot of satisfaction from providing care to my patients. However, medical documentation and charting are a huge part of my day-to-day which I didn’t really enjoy. Honestly,  I couldn’t stand it since I couldn’t get to it until late at night or over the weekend. 

I heard about Freed from a colleague of mine last year and starting using it to script my patient visits. The product has been super impressive, it captures all the notes and the medical terms accurately and the notes were ready almost instantly, by the time the visit was over Now charting takes me moments instead of hours, it has been a life changer. Since then, Freed AI has become an integral part of my day to day, allowing me to pay more attention to my patients and focus on them, rather than the administrative tasks. Thought I’d share a review for anyone interested in trying them out.

Freed is a medical dictation AI tool that helps clinicians streamline their notes and free up about 2 hours per day. I heard about the origin story of Freed on a podcast – the founder Erez Druk, was tired of seeing his wife, a clinician, getting burdened with medical notes, instead of focusing on what truly matters – providing care to her patients.. And that’s how they ended up creating such an incredible medical AI scribe!

Freed stands out among other AI medical scribes due to several features:

  • Smart transcription –  Freed AI transcribes, extracts, and structures information like a seasoned scribe. It handles SOAP notes for you.
  • Mimics your writing style – over time, Freed AI adapts and learns your style and will reflect that in your notes.
  • Speed – your medical notes are ready when the visit is over. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to generate a perfect SOAP note.
  • One-click Integration – review, edit, and seamlessly transfer notes to the EHR of your choice with a single click.

HIPAA compliance

Freed AI is HIPAA compliant and follows security best practices. Freed AI does not store patient records, keeping patient information private.


Freed AI is an affordable AI medical dictation tool – you can try Freed for no cost for 10 patient sessions. After that, you can subscribe for a monthly fee of just $99 for unlimited visits.

Intuitive design

Freed AI scribe is very intuitive and straightforward to use. You get 10 free visits when you sign up and they don’t even ask for a credit card.  Once you’re in, you can start charting right away with the click of a button. 

Customer support

I haven’t needed to reach out to support since the product works so well but I received excellent customer support on a couple of occasions when I needed to. They also have a nifty little feedback box where I’ve shared my thoughts and they’ve actually gotten back to me, which is incredible! I have a feeling Freed is going mainstream, I could see hundreds of clinicians sharing their glowing reviews on their customer testimonial page named Wall of Freed(om). 


I have been using Freed AI for the past year and honestly, it has been a life changer for me. I would encourage you to check Freed out and try it for yourself!