From The Squid Game to Star Wars! Lee Jung Jae could act in The Acolyte


Lee Jung Jae, from The Squid Game, could act in The Acolyte from Star Wars, being his first production with Disney.

By: Fernando Avalos

The American media Deadline claims to have sources that confirm that Lee Jung Jae will have a role in The Acolyte , the new series that will come to Disney +.

Why will Lee Jung Jae act in Star Wars?

Since the premiere of El Juego Del Calamar , the eyes of production companies around the world turned to the actors in this series, so obviously the protagonist could not be the exception.

Being a talented actor and with such a recent media success outside of South Korea, it was to be expected that a saga as big as Star Wars would choose him.

Lee Jungjae’s reply
Before the exposure of the news, during the Squid Game Day event, on September 9 , the actor responded in reference to The Acolyte:án-ejecutando/5523291

On the other hand, the mayor of Los Angeles congratulated him saying, “I heard the news that Lee Jung Jae will be the male lead of the Star Wars series. I am very excited.”

What will The Acolyte be about ?

In the Star Wars universe , an acolyte is someone capable of mastering the force who learns the arts of a Sith Lord. In this series, we’ll follow an acolyte and how the dark side emerges during the final moments of The Republic.
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