Fun Games with a 22 ft Shuffleboard Table: The Ultimate Addition to Your Game Room


The value of spending time with family is one of the lessons from the lockdowns of 2020. Many people discovered themselves spending months at home with their relatives. 

After all, people have learned to strengthen their bonds with the people they live with through discussion and sometimes games during this time. Playing games with family in the house allows you to build relationships.

Shuffleboard is one of the best family-friendly games, as it can be played by seniors, children, and adults. If you’re getting a little bored of your conventional game of shuffleboard, why not mix it up with another game or set of rules?

In this article, we will discuss a few other games you can play with your family on a 22 ft shuffleboard table

  • Knock off shuffleboard 

This game is simple to play on a 22-ft shuffleboard table in teams of two or by yourself and one other player. The game continues until one team scores 15 points as you stand on each end of the board. Only one team scores in each round of this game played in frames. The scoring is determined as follows:

  • 1 point is awarded for each weight between the short foul line and the deuce line. 
  • 2 points are awarded for each weight lying between the deuce and trey lines. 
  • 3 points are awarded for each weight past the trey line but not hanging off the board. 
  • 4 points are awarded for weight partially hanging off the end of the board (“hangers”).
  • Horse collar shuffleboard 

By owning 22 shuffleboard tables for sale, you can play the game with two or more teams of two. Teams alternate ends, and the game continues until someone scores 51 points. The objective is to have at least one of your pucks land in the 3-point or higher zone. Naturally, it also cannot be outside the foul line. This game can be a wise decision if you want a long game with many players.

  • Tap & draw shuffleboard  

Are you trying to introduce someone to the world of shuffleboard with a 22 ft shuffleboard table? Tap-and-draw is an excellent choice for you. During play, you take turns shuffling pucks until one person has all of their pucks in the farthest scoring section of the board. Knocking a puck off counts as a penalty. This is an excellent way for beginners to get the feel of the board and develop their skills.   

  • Target shuffleboard 

If you have purchased a 22 ft shuffleboard table for sale and need to know what game you should play, this target shuffleboard must be your first choice. This is a straightforward shuffleboard variant where you can knock off your opponent’s puck. At the end of the round, whoever’s puck is in that position wins.

You are still shooting for the highest-scoring position. You can establish a scoring cap or play for as many rounds as you like. Starting the game, shoot towards the goal while positioned at the same end of the table. After that, let your adversary attempt their luck.

  • Crazy eight shuffleboard 

If you have two or more players, you can try a crazy eight shuffleboard on your newly purchased 22 shuffleboard table for sale. You can begin by agreeing on a tally, and then play in frames. When someone reaches the predetermined total, the frame is over, and you switch ends of the board. Don’t just play for eight; vary your strategy. Games with lower scores will go faster, while those with higher scores might be more heated. It’s a versatile game style that works in just about any circumstance. 


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