Do you feel like you’re stuck in the past when it comes to energy solutions? Then welcome to the future with FutureOn, a software that provides innovative, comprehensive solutions for energy companies of all sizes. From field and project management to cost control and resource management, FutureOn takes energy solutions to the next level. Whether you’re looking for integrated software or robust analytics, it has you covered. No matter where your company is located or what your energy needs may be, FutureOn will revolutionize the way your business operates. Let’s take a closer look at why FutureOn is becoming the go-to choice for energy companies around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explain how its products are driving innovation in the subsea industry.

What Is FutureOn?

When it comes to energy solutions, FutureOn is the company that’s paving the way. They provide software that helps energy companies control costs, manage resources better, and accelerate energy project development while enhancing field management in the subsea. Their mission is to empower progress by connecting people, assets and ideas. Through their intelligent software, FutureOn helps businesses reduce cost and time to market by proving a connection between an integrated development life cycle with an onshore-to-offshore asset deployment workflow.

Their platform integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and business models to enable the use of digital twins for improved decision making. This allows for improved asset integrity management through real-time performance data analytics and machine learning-based technology. All of this combined enables greater safety and efficiency across operations, from project planning through execution and post-project closure.

Software Solutions to Control Costs & Manage Resources

Do you need help managing your energy costs and resources more effectively? FutureOn offers cutting-edge software solutions to help you do just that. Through their software, FutureOn helps energy companies control costs, manage resources better, accelerate energy project development, and enhance field management in the subsea. Plus, their software solutions are designed with the environment in mind, helping reduce emissions and waste. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that FutureOn provides:

  • Automates cost estimation process to save time and money on energy projects.
  • Offers a suite of proprietary modeling capabilities to make website design easier.
  • Reduces risk on projects through optimization of equipment capacities.
  • Enables field management by providing real-time data on the entire fleet of assets used in subsea projects.
  • Facilitates collaboration between different departments with centralized information-sharing capabilities.
  • Gives users access to predictive analytics to identify potential problems before they occur.
  • Helps conserve energy and reduce emissions through advanced optimization models which can be applied to all operational stages.

FutureOn is at the forefront of energy solutions, providing powerful software tools that can help you control costs and manage resources more efficiently than ever before.

,Accelerating Energy Project Development

Have you ever heard of FutureOn? They’re on a mission to simplify energy project development while helping energy companies control costs and manage resources better.

Streamlining Energy Projects

FutureOn’s software helps streamline energy project development — accelerating the process in the subsea, with real-time data on drilling and well-completion projects. All of this helps energy companies optimize their efficiency so that projects get done faster, with fewer hassles.

Making Subsea Projects Easier

The FutureOn software also helps simplify field management for subsea projects — giving you a comprehensive view of your project from anywhere in the world. It’s part of the company’s overall mission to make sure that its clients can access real-time data quickly and easily from any location. The FutureOn software also makes it easier for energy companies to:

  • Collate and analyze data from multiple sources
  • View precise information about the temperature, pressure, and structural integrity of their equipment
  • Automate processes to speed up project completion times
  • Keep track of compliance information (like permits)

Thanks to FutureOn’s innovative software solutions, energy companies can improve both site safety and production times when it comes to subsea projects — it’s no wonder they’ve become leaders in their field!

Enhancing Subsea Field Management

FutureOn is pioneering the future in energy solutions, and when it comes to subsea field management, they have some real game-changers. From helping you manage and optimize your production process to being able to track resources and personnel—they offer solutions that are designed to help you get the maximum output out of your investments.

What makes FutureOn’s software so amazing is how they make all of this a breeze. Their enterprise-level cloud platform allows users to access their data from wherever they are and whenever they need it. You can also quickly identify any bottlenecks or issues without having to worry about any delays or disruptions in the production flow. Their software can also help with the distribution of resources for maximum efficiencies, such as:

  1. Managing workforces and technology
  2. Monitoring projects in real-time
  3. Allocating personnel accordingly
  4. Optimizing operations using AI analytics
  5. Integrating visual models with data sources
  6. Automating processes like rigging up, drilling, and completing wells
  7. Coordinating inter-departmental activities

FutureOn helps you take control of your subsea field management, so you can find the right approach for achieving greater efficiency and better performance when needed most — now that’s revolutionary!

Streamlining Engineering & Construction Workflows

FutureOn offers the ability to streamline your engineering and construction workflows like never before. With their software, you can easily manage and track costs, schedule tasks, manage resources, and so much more. Not only does this make your operations more efficient, but also cost-effective. To make things even better, FutureOn offers a suite of products that are all made to work together seamlessly, with services like visual design collaboration, subsea asset integrity management, and others that any energy company is sure to appreciate.

Integrated Solutions

One great thing about FutureOn is that they offer integrated solutions that help you save time while tracking progress both in the office and in the field. This makes it easy for you to keep up with what’s happening with your project in an accurate and organized way. You can also leverage their analytics tools to get insights into how improvements can be made for future projects.

Technology at its Finest

With FutureOn’s cutting-edge technology and a wide range of services catering to different aspects of engineering and construction workflows, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency while keeping costs low. It’s the perfect blend of smart technology that is tailored to meet your needs as an energy company working on a project.


The FutureOn technology is a game-changer in the energy industry, and with their innovation and dedication to quality, they are setting the standard for better performance, efficiency, and cost savings. They provide a unique platform that integrates their advanced software and cloud-based applications to give energy companies the ability to streamline their operations and maximize their results. From equipment tracking, asset maintenance, and logistics management to environmental compliance and risk reduction, FutureOn is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in energy solutions. By embracing this technology, energy companies can move beyond the status quo, and be the pioneers of the future.