Some games are designed to be easy to play or not to make it difficult for players, more and more are actually made to challenge the player’s gaming skills . Games like that usually carry a ” one hit ” mechanism where the player character can immediately die when hit by an enemy only once.

With such a mechanism, players are certainly required to be patient and strategize so that they don’t even get hit by an attack. Here are 7 of the best games where players can die with one hit.

1. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is not an easy game. It is very likely that the player will die more than once, even if using a character that can withstand several hits. However, there is one secret character named The Lost which incidentally makes this game even more difficult. Simply put, using The Lost activates the ultra-hard mode in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth where players start the level without a single life, aka they can die immediately with just one hit.

2. Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot has had a one-hit kill mechanism since it was first released on the first generation of PlayStation. The point is that at almost every level in this game, players may not even touch enemies or dangerous items. If it gets touched even a little, the player will immediately die. Crash Bandicoot does have “Aku Aku” which allows players to survive even if they touch enemies or dangerous items, but that’s quite rare to get.

3. Alien: Isolation
For players who are interested in testing their mentality and guts, playing Alien: Isolation on the Nightmare difficulty level is one of the best ways. This difficulty level presents many disadvantages such as no map hints, more limited resources and smarter enemies. Not only alien enemies, other enemies such as android robots are also a threat to players who can easily kill players with just one hit.

4. The Evil Within Series
Both games in The Evil Within series have several new difficulty levels that can be accessed after completing the game first. AKUMU’s difficulty in both games makes things more difficult in a number of ways. For example, players won’t find a lot of scattered bullets to use to shoot enemies and players, they can also die immediately in one hit. Even worse, players can not only die instantly when attacked by enemies, but also when accidentally exposed to fire.

5. Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry 3 is a game that is already challenging, but has a few extra difficult levels. One example is the Heaven or Hell difficulty level which players can access when they have finished the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty level. At this difficulty level, all characters can die in one hit. That is, not only the player character, namely Dante, the big boss he fights can also die instantly in one hit.

6. Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami is a game with a fast pace where players must react quickly if they don’t want to die. Common enemies can generally die in one hit, as well as player characters. The bullets that the enemy ejects have a greater chance of directly killing the player, instead of just injuring them. Hotline Miami does have an item in the form of a mask where one of them can make players withstand several hits/shots, but still, this game is hard to beat.

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7. Elden Ring
Elden Ring does not have an additional difficulty level for more difficult gameplay, but it is very easy for players to die in one hit, especially if you are not careful at the start of the game. Enemy movements can be unpredictable and most of them take a long time to finish off. This applies not only to big bosses, but also to small enemies scattered throughout the game. If you want it to be more difficult, try choosing the Wretch class at the start of the game.

That was a review of several games where players can die in one hit. Interested in testing your gaming skills through the games above?