Study MBBS in China | MBBS at Gannan Medical University

Gannan Medical University

Gannan Medical University Gan Nan Yi Xue Yuan is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province which was established in 1941 it is a renowned historic and cultural city along the Beijing-Kowloon Railroad in the southern part of Jiangxi province. It is situated close the city of Guangzhou. GMU evolved into Gannan Medical Technical School in 1958, and later Gannan Medical College in 1988 when it began recruiting students as undergraduates. GMU was granted the bachelor’s degree recognition in 1993. As well as the master’s degree in 2013 and began to accept graduates in the year 2014. GMU is the only medical school for undergraduates in Jiangxi province.

Incredible Highlights Gannan Medical University:

  1. Gannan University is Recognized by WHO (world health organization), MCI approved University for Pakistani Students and the WHED as well as PMC A listed (Pakistani students are able to take part in the PMDC’s NEB/NLE Exam upon the completion of their studies). Foreign students who have graduated are qualified to apply for ECFMG accreditation as well.
  2. more than 800+ foreign students of Pakistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other Nationalities in MBBS Clinical Medicine.
  3. Gannan medical University is offering Chinese language 01 year of full scholarship to ASEAN Country students. The scholarship includes free tuition, free accommodation and insurance for students, as well as free texts.
  4. Gannan Medical University is offering MBBS in China program for international students. 04 batches with MBBS Clinical Medicine Degree have been graduated in Gannan Medical University.
  5. Master (3 years Degree Program) and PHD Degree (4 years of Degree) are also available at Gannan Medical University.
  6. The end of every Year Gannan Medical University offers Scholarship Awards to outstanding students. Between 2000 and 10,000 RMB.
  7. The MBBS Coursework for Gannan Medical University is almost identical to Pakistani, Pakistani Medical Colleges.
  8. Separate and furnished hostels are available to male and female students.
  9. Hostels offer 2 sharing and 4 sharing (in-campus) for international students who are pursuing Clinical Medicine & other degree programs.
  10. Muslim canteens are on offer within the campus, and are also close the Gannan Medical University.

Application procedure to MBBS for Gannan Medical University:

Submit the following documents in clear scan form in order to start the application process at GMU.

  • Application Formula
  • SSC Mark sheet (grade 10)
  • HSSC Sheet of marks (grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check-ups with regard to Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One digital photo with a white background (Size must range from 100-500 Kb, JPG Format)
  • Bank/Financial Statement
  • Applicant Assessment Form
  • GMU signed Fee Package GMU by the applicant

Information about Gannan Medical University:

Gannan Medical University is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) , Ministry of Education China, UNSECO & Chinese Medical Association and graduates can be eligible to receive ECFMG certification. Gannan Medical University is accepting international students from all over the world. The majority of students come coming from Pakistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, African countries, Malaysia, Russia & Arabic countries to study MBBS at China. Over 500 International students are enrolled in the Medicine programs taught in English Students are from Pakistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle east, ASEAN countries, Asian Countries, African Countries.

Gannan Medical University have some kinds of scholarships based on performance that are open to students from abroad. Medical Syllabus is entirely based on the USMLE/PLAB PMDC, MCI. GMU includes 11 hospital affiliated institutions (3 direct affiliated and eight indirectly associated) one province-wide 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, 1 provincial postdoctoral innovation and practice base (provincial postdoctoral research station) two important disciplines at the university of the Twelfth Five Year Plan 1 major provincial laboratory with a province-wide engineering and technological research center two key provincial university labs and 1 province-wide university base of research for social and humanities sciences 1 provincial research base for soft sciences, one of the most prominent medical disciplines in the province.

GMC Campuses

Gannan Medical University has two campuses, Zhanggong Campus and Huangjin Campus, which cover more than 800,000 square metres as well as 300,000 sq m of floor space. GMU is home to two nationally recognized majors, as well as two education programs for exceptional doctors from The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of P.R. China, GMU has 15 excellent university courses in the province and 3 provincial didactic courses in bilingualism and 17 provincial high-quality resource sharing classes and one provincial open construction course that is of top-quality materials. GMU boasts a total of 1,605 undergraduates and 10,510 students in college and 145 graduates. There are also 469 international students, and 21,460 students pursuing adult education. With several moderately-sized, well-structured and high-quality faculties GMU includes 1,316 faculty members and employees.

Gannan Medical University has 23 undergraduate majors as well as 16 college majors that cover Science, Medicine, Engineering, Literature, Education, Law, and Management. The school was active in international exchanges and cooperation and established an overseas teaching center at Lincoln Memorial University in the United States, and established in the past with Korean universities like Daegu Han Medical University as well as Daegu Han Medicine University, the US North Texas Health Center and the German Heart Center (Berlin) as well as other foreign institutions and medical institutions. Cooperation relations.

China is one of the most ancient civilizations and civilizations that have been known up to 40,000 years ago and is still in existence. This is being incorporated into the new age that is Modern Clinical Medicine. MBBS refers to “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery which is the title awarded to medical students following the completion of the undergraduate course. The possibility of studying in this MBBS degree in China was made available for International students in 2002.

The MBBS course in China offers an overall duration of six years including a one-year internship that is included. The curriculum is based on English language which is recognized by international bodies like WHO and UNESCO as well as being endorsed and reputable universities from different dental councils across the world including GMDC, PMDC, HPCSA, MCI and BMDC.

The studies in MBBS Clinical Medicine in China is comparable with the top western medical schools and boasts one of the lowest costs of tuition and living expenses thanks to the Chinese government’s collaboration with medical schools to help subsidize costs.

Living and studying in China is less expensive than living and studying within European states, the UK, U.S, Japan, South Korea and many more countries. Food and other items that are available in China are as cheap as they come. A decent pair of jeans is priced at $10-20 U.S. dollars; the bus ticket is only 15 cents and a subway ride in Beijing costs only 30 cents. Everything is affordable in China.

In other regions of Asia it is not inexpensive to study. Japan has a high cost of living that can reach 1800 dollars per month, and South Korea is one of the five most expensive nations for foreign citizens.