Gas vs Wood Burning Fireplaces Which is best for your house


Whether you’re buying the house with a fireplace or building a custom home, you have a few options: wood vs gas. Everyone has benefits and drawbacks, so here’s what you should know.

Wood-burning fireplaces

We imagine wood-burning inscriptions to produce a nice, warm family or living area when we construct a fireplace. The benefit of a wood-burning fireplace is that it provides a traditional feel. Wood burning fireplaces not only look great in any space, but they also fit in effortlessly because they don’t require a gas hookup. And nothing beats the scent of fresh, burning wood when it comes to creating a rustic atmosphere.

However, one main downside of wood-burning fireplaces is that firefighting may be time-consuming. You must first ensure adequate wood before putting out the fire. You must also maintain the fire blazing if you want it to burn for numerous hours, such as when reading or watching TV. You may enjoy the fragrance of burning wood, but you will not enjoy the smoke that emerges from a chimney.

Pros of Wood Burning Fireplaces

  • You get the realistic crackling of a real fire.
  • Whenever you need some additional heat, you may practise your fire-building talents.
  • During a power outage, they can bring the family together.

Cons of Wood Burning Fireplaces

  • You’ll have to carry the wood inside, which is usually upstairs.
  • You must clear the ashes from the hearth regularly.
  • A conventional fire takes time to develop, and it’s a poor idea to leave the house or go to bed while it’s still blazing, so you’re stuck with it for hours.
  • Because wood-burning fireplaces are inefficient, much heat escapes through the chimney.

Gas fireplaces

In terms of ease of use, gas fireplaces are the best option. Voila – you’re on fire as soon as you flip on the switch. And in most circumstances, it will resemble an ordinary fireplace’s fire. There is no need to worry about a flammable gas area catching fire for those who are allergic to smoke or smells. Then there’s the fact that gas fireplaces don’t require a tonne of wood to get started.

It’s also essential that the gas line be accessible to build a gas fireplace. That way, you’ll be able to confine yourself to particular regions of your home. It is also possible that some homeowners find gas fireplaces to be less visually appealing and more difficult to integrate into their living spaces. And if you use one too frequently, it will raise your gas costs, house.

Pros of Gas Fireplaces

  • At the touch of a button, you may enjoy the comforts of a warm fire.
  • Quickly warming a space, they use less energy than traditional heaters.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about chimney sweeps, creosote, or chimney fires now that you’ve found this solution.

Cons of Gas Fireplaces

  • Even while gas fireplace flames look lifelike, they lack the cracking sound of wood and the actual warmth of a fire.
  • Potential homebuyers who haven’t experienced the simplicity and comfort of a gas fireplace may prefer a wood-burning hearth, house.

The main difference between gas vs wood


  • Easy maintenance.
  • It Costs about $60 annually to run.
  • It burns cleaner and produces fewer polluting emissions.
  • It Loses some heat up the chimney.


  • Higher maintenance.
  • It Costs about $190 annually to run.
  • Requires annual cleaning to avoid creosote excess and fires.
  • It Loses more heat up the chimney.


In my experience, many people don’t know how amazing gas fireplaces are until they have one in their own home. We began with the top fireplace and shortly placed the second in the lower one. Getting out of bed in the morning and sprinkling on the gas chimney to warm up your buns while getting ready is a convenience that can’t be beaten.

And many versions today include remote controls and automated timers, so you can set the fireplace to turn on your alarm ten or fifteen minutes before it goes out, or you may turn the unit off after you go to sleep. Instant gratification isn’t something you receive with a wood-burning appliance. There is always the backyard for those who still crave the ambiance of a wood fire. Outdoor fire pits are getting more and more popular. Coppertree Homes is a custom home builder and custom home remodeling company serving clients in Central Ohio. We focus all of our energy on building, design, and remodeling the most fantastic custom-built homes for our clients. Whichever fireplace you choose, we can help you build it beautifully.

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