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Gaurav Taneja Biography

Gaurav Taneja’s Wiki biography: Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast is an Indian YouTuber and trade pilot as well as a nutritionist. In 2021, Gaurav Taneja is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of two Million US Dollars. He is also known for funding YouTube videos about Fitness, Gaming and his everyday life videos. This is why he’s also been pilot for the last nine years. In the past, he also came to the limelight when he raised concerns about how safe pilots are at Air Asia airlines after which the airline terminated his position. Gaurav’s YouTube Carrier launched with his “Fitmuscle TV” On YouTube channel on November 30 2016 because Gaurav was known for his bodybuilding in his time in college. Then , he would post his fitness-related videos and points to his YouTube channel. There were 300 videos, and 1.2 million viewers on his “Fitmuscle TV” YouTube channel.

Gaurav Taneja was born on 9 July, 1986, at Kanpur, UP. She’s 33 years old older as of the year the year 2019. She has completed her school at her Local Private School of Kanpur. He finished his college at the IIT Kharagpur located in Bengal. Gaurav is a resident of Dubai, UAE and New Delhi, India. He graduated from 2004 until 2008. Following that, he launched on the second YouTube channel “Flying Beast” on December 9, 2017. He would then upload his travel video clips on the channel. There were 200 videos, and 1.6 million viewers on his “Flying Beast” YouTube channel. He currently runs three Youtube channels “Flying Beast”, “Fit Muscle TV” and “Rasbhari Ke Papa”. He posts daily and travel life vlogs to the Flying Beast and fitness content on the Fit Muscle TV and lives streaming of games on Rasbhari Ke Papa.