This article is about GB WhatsApp which is the most used WhatsApp mod from all over the world. You can read all the information related to GBWhatsApp in this article. Here we have provided you with a complete article about GB WhatsApp APK Download. So keep reading this article till the end to know about GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the best-customized mod of WhatsApp that allows you to chat with your friends. GBWhatsApp can be used with the original WhatsApp on a single phone. This app can be used as a messaging app to send text messages to your friends as well as voice messages, images, videos, and documents. It can be downloaded from any third-party site.

Developers of GB WhatsApp

This is a modded version of the original WhatsApp based on WhatsApp Plus. There are three developers of GBWhatsApp who created their own mods individually. Let’s take a look at these developers to increase your knowledge about GBWhatsApp.

Top Features

Anti-Ban: This modded version is an anti-ban. This app is an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. It means you can use this mod as a chatting app without getting banned. Your account will never get banned from using this mod.

Self-Destructive Messages: It is very annoying and disturbing to see notifications from WhatsApp while using other apps. This mod allows you to use other apps without getting messages from your friends.

Dual Accounts: You can use GBWhatsApp along with the original WhatsApp on a single phone. If you have two numbers and you want to use WhatsApp on both numbers then you should do the same as said above.

Backup & Restore: If you want to use GBWhatsApp apk on another phone and are worried about your data then rest assured. You can create a backup of your data and restore that backup on another phone using the same account. By doing this, your data will be secure.

Theme Store: There is a theme store in this modded app from where you can use unlimited themes. There is a wide range of themes that will make your app totally unique. You can use any of the given themes.

Customization: Customization means changing the text, color, and background. You can customize the whole app according to your own choice. You can also change the color of text and its style if you want some changes in your app

Hide View Status: If you want to see the status of someone in your contact without telling them, then you should enable this feature. By enabling this feature, you can easily see the status of anyone on your contacts but they will not know that you have seen their status.

Emojis & Stickers: You can easily express yourself by using different emojis and stickers in your chat. This feature is such a blessing for those who can not express their feelings in chat. You are provided with unlimited emojis and stickers of every category.

Freeze Last Seen: In case you want to confuse your friends with your last seen, then this s the best feature you can use. Your last seen will be different in this mod. Even if you are online but the time of your last seen will be totally different in case your contacts see your last seen.

Anti-Delete Messages: It is so annoying when someone has sent you a message and then immediately deletes it before your read. By using this mod, you can see the deleted messages even after the sender deletes that message for everyone, you can still see the message.

Status Downloader: There is a lot of status downloader you will find who can download the status of your contacts but we can not guarantee your privacy. You can download any status in your gallery by using this mod. So you do not need to download any external status downloader.

Share Location: If you are in danger and do not know your location to tell your friend, then this mod comes with the share location feature. You can use this feature to update your friends about your location and ask them for help.