GEICO Insurance Accident Claim Secrets REVEALED!

GEICO Insurance Accident Claim Secrets REVEALED!

In the last ten years, anyone who has watched television has seen commercials with a talking lizard, a funny caveman, or an ad suggesting that “the thing to do is switch to GEICO.” With one of the most significant insurance advertising budgets in the United States, GEICO (Government Employees Company) has skyrocketed to become the second-largest auto insurance provider, with more than 15 million drivers purchasing policies. If you are involved in a car accident, you will VERY likely have to file a claim with GEICO.

Similarly, in any insurance claim, you would NEVER want to petition GEICO on your own without proper legal advice. Because of its commercials, most assume that GEICO is a pro-consumer company. However, GEICO doesn’t rack up $27 million in profits by paying handsomely for every single claim; instead, this corporation is run by savvy executives who know how to make money (these are paid handsomely. In a recent year, the average GEICO executive made $230,152, and its CEO made $12.4 million! ). To generate profits and maintain their advertising budget and salaries, they MUST reduce payments to deserving claimants.

If you need to file a claim with GEICO, contact the law firm that our team is here to help car accident victims through this process. We are open 24/7, so contact our office. Remember that you do not have to pay us anything until we have WON your case, so you have NOTHING to lose by calling us.


Today, asking you to answer specific questions or provide a statement about the incident while it is recorded is almost a standard process for adjusters. Know that you ARE NOT OBLIGATED to do so, and our lawyers recommend sticking to this.

While the insurer is recording it, there is a chance that you will make comments that will later harm your claim. You can politely say that you feel “fine,” even though you are in a constant battle with pain. The adjuster may take your simple response and use it to argue that you do not deserve any compensation for your pain and suffering since you were feeling “fine” at the time of the call. That’s how easy it is for an adjuster to take advantage of a simple word out of context and try to reduce your claim.

The adjuster may also record a phone call to persuade you to agree to resolve the settlement immediately quickly. They may promise to avoid delays and make early offers in exchange for your commitment to accept the initial request. As you watch your debts, pile up and pile up, settling the claim as soon as possible may seem like the best idea, but it IS NOT.

The first offer is THE WORST

Usually, the first offer is THE WORST since an adjuster will try to make it as low as possible. They may argue that they have a recording of you accepting this. They may manipulate your statements and claim that your acceptance was a legally valid agreement. Even if you find that the offer is too low to cover all your losses, you may only have that initial amount left because of your recorded verbal agreement.

Some adjusters will tell you that the law entitles them to a recorded statement or that it is necessary to settle your claim, which IS NOT TRUE. Unless you initiate a litigation process, the insurer does NOT have the right to demand a recorded conversation, while you DO have the right to deny insurance.

Also, remember that GEICO fitters will likely tape you without asking first! While you assume this is against the law, you may be surprised by the fact that in some states, only one party needs to be aware of the recording for it to be legal. This means that while you think you are just casually answering questions, the adjuster recorded everything. This brings us to the next GEICO secret…


ALWAYS be very careful about what you say to adjusters, and keep your answers as short as possible. For sure, very soon after a collision with a GEICO customer, an adjuster will contact you. They will want to discuss various issues, and you will only need to provide basic information such as your identification and contact information. On the other hand, there are many other issues that you should ALSO NOT discuss with the adjuster at this stage of the claim:

  • How the accident happened and what you were doing beforehand
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical costs so far
  • The time you had to be absent from work
  • How your injuries affect your life, including your daily and recreational activities, level of pain, and suffering.

An insurance representative can manipulate and use against you

When discussing any of the above with the adjuster, there is a good chance you will say something that the insurance representative can manipulate and use against you, mainly if the conversation is being recorded.

While many think that their side of the story is harmless to the adjuster, they will later realize they used their words to limit the settlement offer. It’s normal if he thinks it’s rude to refuse to answer his questions. However, this is not in his best interest. If a GEICO adjuster tries to carry on a conversation about the accident and his injuries, politely decline. Then immediately call an attorney who knows what to say and what not to say during an insurance claim.

Our attorneys understand how important it is to review what you tell the adjusters. We can handle all communication with GEICO to make sure nothing during your recorded conversation harms your claim.


When you submit your medical bills to GEICO, you expect the insurer to add up the totals and make a payment offer that covers them. However, GEICO is one of many companies that ignores the actual amount of your medical costs. Instead of taking them into account, they replace them with what they call “usual and customary charges.”

“Usual and customary charges” means that GEICO brings in its medical professionals, who decide if your costs were usual and customary charges for the type of treatments you received in the area where you received them. GEICO will then base the settlement offer on this total, even if it is much less than what it owes you for your expenses.

If this sounds unfair to you, that’s because it is! GEICO should not have the power to decide how much your treatment should have cost. If your doctor thought a particular type of procedure was necessary, you should feel comfortable having it and expect that the insurer will cover the costs. Companies like GEICO should not make accident victims feel hesitant to be treated, thinking that the insurer will not cover the total value of the treatment.

The right law firm can present evidence that your expenses were in line with the usual and customary medical practices in your region and that you, therefore, deserve to be paid total value. We can fight for you by listening to your doctors and helping you get the treatment you need while having the peace of mind that we will fight GEICO to recover your medical costs.


After a car accident, you may not think you need guidance in estimating the value of your vehicle repair costs and then submitting that sum to GEICO. However, this value is always much lower than what you should request.

The truth is, calculating damages after a car accident is often a complicated task that requires more than just adding up the value of your receipts. The following are some of the losses that our attorneys know how to calculate accurately to ensure that you receive the FULL that is due to you.

  • Future medical costs – Your medical treatment doesn’t always end, and your injuries don’t heal on their own once you file your insurance claim. Many traffic accident victims must continue treatment for months or years after the incident. It is better to put the suit on hold in some situations until you complete your medical treatments, although this is not always possible. Every legal claim has a time limit, and you should not risk losing your right to file a lawsuit if necessary. In these cases, we may estimate and seek payment for your future medical expenses, even if you have not yet received treatment or receipts for it. 
  • Wage Losses – Countless types of car accident injuries can take you off work, in some cases for months or even years! If you can’t work, you can’t earn an income so that you won’t pay your basic costs. Just a few hours of work lost due to doctor visits or therapies are enough to throw your budget into disarray. It is CRITICAL to seek compensation for the loss of your past and future earnings as part of your claim. We can review your pay stubs from the accident and estimate how much work you will have to miss in the future.
  • General expense – An injury can cause many financial problems in our lives, and no one realizes how much one of them can cost. For example, if you can’t drive because you have a broken limb, you’ll have to constantly pay for Uber, Lyft, or other forms of transportation. If you cannot walk due to a back injury, you will be forced to seek extra childcare help, which can be very expensive. If you had a planned trip and can no longer take it, you may lose your non-refundable flights, lodging, or other plans for which you have already paid. Did you require medical equipment? Did you need someone to clean your house? These costs related to your injury may also be compensable in a car accident claim.
  • Non-economic losses – Some losses are not measurable in money. For example, when you talk about the pain and limitations you experienced due to your injuries, you will not be able to point to medical receipts or proof of payment to determine the value of this suffering. Calculating the value of non-economic pain and suffering losses requires another approach, and this type of damage is one that GEICO does not recognize.
When you contact a member of our legal team, we’ll know what questions to ask, so you know ALL of your losses, not just your existing medical costs.

If you ask too little when you file your claim, GEICO won’t argue! They will not let you know that you probably deserve more for your injuries and financial losses. Instead, GEICO will allow you to accept much less than you need and are entitled to, knowing that you will have to pay out of pocket for the rest of your losses. They also know that you won’t be able to go back and change the value of your claim after you’ve agreed to a settlement, so they’ll be more than PLEASED that you agreed to such a low settlement.


This may not be a “secret” since most negotiations want the other party to accept the first offer. However, GEICO adjusters work hard to ensure you receive the first offer without realizing its BAD IDEA. The following are some of the reasons why you should NEVER get an offer without evaluating it with an attorney first:

  • The first offer is usually EXTREMELY LOW.
  • If you accept an offer for quick payment, you will later find out that your injuries were worse than you thought, and you will likely incur additional costs.
  • Once you accept an offer, the settlement offer includes a document waiving your right to request additional money for the incident, including expenses that continue to accrue after agreeing to the settlement.
  • GEICO adjusters will try to convince you that accepting an offer is in your best interest, which IS NOT TRUE. Our attorneys will carefully review any request and provide expert advice based on the evaluation of your claim.
Instead of listening to GEICO adjusters. Talk to one of our experienced insurance claims attorneys to determine if the offer is fair. We often evaluate proposals and advise our clients if it is time to accept one or negotiate for more.

Many car accident victims don’t realize that the first offer isn’t necessarily the FINAL. They don’t know that they can continue to fight for a higher value. And that it’s not all or nothing at first.


One thing you will never believe is that GEICO will try to buy your hospital note. This may sound like a good thing. However, GEICO buys these for much less than they cost. GEICO then uses the value of this purchase as the “real” value of your expenses. Even if they were initially much higher. For example:

  • You had a medical debt of $40,000
  • GEICO bought your note for $10,000
  • The GEICO adjuster now bases his settlement offer on that $10,000

If you go to court, the jury only considers the $10,000 in expenses. Thus assuming your injuries were less severe. Compensating you much less for your pain and suffering.

Without an attorney, you cannot do much to defend yourself against this tactic. We know how to “fight back” and fight for every penny that is yours.


Many automatically associate a lawyer with going to court, and this idea can seem stressful or intimidating. However, you should know that in some cases. It is NECESSARY to file a lawsuit to ensure that you receive ALL the compensation you need.

While our attorneys can often negotiate with GEICO to obtain a settlement offer. Resolving a case through an insurance claim is not always possible. This is common when the insurer is disputing liability for the accident. Or when the victim’s injuries and losses are particularly severe. Getting FULL compensation is critical when the accident causes permanent, life-altering injuries.

GEICO refuses to cooperate and offer fair payment

When GEICO refuses to cooperate and offer fair payment. The next step is to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Please don’t assume that filing a case means you have to go to trial. As our attorneys typically settle pretrial, so you don’t have to go to court.

The litigation process is complex. And you should have an experienced attorney who is familiar with your case. And is prepared to file a lawsuit when necessary. Here is an overview of the car accident claim process you may go through. If GEICO refuses to compensate you fairly.

  • Prepare and file a persuasive complaint with the statute of limitations
  • Discovery, which involves obtaining evidence from the defendant through deposition and written requests
  • File motions with the court and attend motion hearings
  • Consistently engage in settlement negotiations throughout the pretrial process
  • Represent you at trial if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful

GEICO will pay the judgment up to your policy

An essential element is that GEICO will pay the judgment up to your policy limit even if you file a lawsuit against the driver at fault. For this reason, GEICO will have to use its resources to defend against the case as well.

Many law firms will try to convince you to accept whatever settlement they can work out with the insurance company. So they don’t have to further work on the case. These companies usually reach meager compensation for their clients. Our team consists of talented litigators. Who seek the best for their clients, even if a lawsuit needs to be filed in civil court.

Sometimes it is better to have representation from the beginning of your claim. This shows GEICO that you mean business if you need to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies have worked with our attorneys before. And they KNOW that we will not hesitate to file a civil suit for our clients. This can put you at an advantage from the start. And you will find that adjusters will begin to offer you what you are entitled to without the need for a litigation process. Our nationwide reputation for aggressively fighting corporations like GEICO goes a long way. In resolving claims faster and more efficiently for our clients.

Contact An Accident Attorney Who Knows How To File Your Claim With GEICO!

Typically, every car accident victim should know that insurers like GEICO have strategies. And tricks to decrease your liability and increase your profits. The insurance claim process is seldom easy. And without proper legal representation, it can be difficult and may lead to unpleasant results. The best thing you can do for yourself is to seek legal advice from the start. This sends a warning message to GEICO and relieves your stress of pursuing the claim independently.