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Share some Genesys Cloud CX GCP-GCX exam questions and answers below.
Which two requirements demonstrate the need to configure correspondence? (Choose Two)
A.Assign a new insurance claim to a case worker to process.
B.Phone a customer for additional information about the case.
C.Fax a new insurance claim to the auto repair shop.
D.Text the customer with status changes in an insurance claim.
Answer: B, C

A purchase request list report includes columns for case ID and regional cost center. A manager wants the report to show the total number of purchase requests for each of the regional cost centers.
How do you configure the report definition?
A.Create a filter for each cost center and count the case IDs.
B.Summarize the case ID column by count.
C.Summarize the regional cost centers by count.
D.Define a function for the cost center column to total the case IDs.
Answer: B

Which two statements about data records are true? (Choose Two)
A.Data records need unique, user-generated IDs.
B.Data records require external storage.
C.Data records are displayed in a drop-down list by default.
D.Data records define permissible values for data fields.
Answer: C, D

Which two statements are true about insights? (Choose Two)
A.You can transform data queries into sharable visualizations.
B.You can search for and select the fields that you want to include in an insight.
C.You can transform sharable visualizations into data queries.
D.You can edit application data directly in an insight.
Answer: A, B

Which two options can you configure for a mobile app channel? (Choose Two)
A.Define security behavior for a mobile app such as biometric Identifiers.
B.Define the UI behavior for each view in a case type when the case is displayed on a mobile device.
C.Design how UI elements render across different mobile devices.
D.Manage administrative functions such as access to log files.
Answer: A, C


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