upholstery set for safari chair

Hi there! Vintage things add richness and grandeur to our homes, whether they are the European style carved doors and panels, the studded mirrors, carved wooden pillars, the antique Berger chairs, or the all-time- favorite Safari chairs. These are the antiques that are classy, comfortable, and showy. In the old days, safari chairs were the cozy corner of every home across Britain; though they were designed for the military men, soon, they made their way into the homes of the common man due to their looks, seating, and luxury.

Safari chair, an old comfortable way of seating and styling

Do you know that the Safari chairs were designed in the early 19th century for the soldiers at war in Scandinavia? The chair was designed so that it was mobile and easy to carry for the soldiers. The pointed foots made the chair easy to assemble on uneven terrain, rocky beds, and sandy areas. It’s simple, versatile, and a great example of craftsmanship.

Do you have an old Safari chair in your basement and want a makeover?

Everything old may not be worn out but might have faded away with time, but that is not the case with Safari chairs; they are the evergreen classics. If you have such a chair in your home, somewhere in the corners which have lost its old sheen, torn seats,lost padding, and worn-out springs? Then, you have landed at the right place.

We can help you get back your old Safari chair and the classy look it had in its early days. We sell the upholstery set for safari chair, the trendy chair cover to bring the transformation,the springs, the comfortable padding to relax on your tired evenings or lazy Sundays, and the cozyseats to complete the look.

Our services

We are available 24*7 at your service. Our products are industry-standard, certified, and long-lasting. The cushions are made of high-standardmemory foam to retain your posture and give you a comfortable seating experience for long hours. The chair cover is made of 100% cotton to keep the freshness and maintain the flow of air around you, and the springs are rust-proof and made of durable material that maintains the correct seating posture.

We are available both at stores and online. Whatever your choice be, your taste is, we are your one-stop solution for all upholstery needs. If you haven’t shopped with us, join us on our fantasticjourney, collaborate and create. Design yourcustomized upholstery to match your home’s interior décor.

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