Gift Your Business With a Real-Time Temperature and Location Tracker


The real-time temperature & location trackers, as evident as the name, are vehicle tracking systems that will give you the location and temperature of your vehicle in real-time. As location tracking is an essential and common aspect of vehicle tracking, even temperature monitoring has become a crucial aspect of delivering and transporting refrigerated items. Nowadays, shipment owners or operators need virtual help to trace the temperature of their vehicles while delivering perishable, chilled, or frozen items. However, other functionalities of these trackers are:

  • Analyzing driver’s behavior,
  • Reminders for vehicle maintenance,
  • Journey history,
  • Fuel dispatching and management.

Active and Passive Trackers

Historically, there are two classifications of vehicle tracking systems: active and passive. The active system’s function is to collect and send real-time data, while the passive one ensures the collection and saving of all the information that one will be able to retrieve later. However, some trackers may possess both active and passive tracking systems. Suppose you do not get a mobile signal at some point. In that case, the necessary information will get saved in the device, and you will only contact those data once it is possible to carry out the data delivery process. At times, the passive trackers, being sufficient for a few companies, are less expensive than the active ones.

Benefits of the Trackers

Fleet management isn’t an easy job. This task goes beyond keeping an eye on a fleet of trucks and cars. You need to know the real-time location, speed, the place and time of halts, and much more. Thus, we have brought you the two most important advantages of real-time temperature & location trackers to make your confusion clearer.

Employee Tracking:

We often mistake assuming that the vehicle tracker only monitors the vehicle. However, that’s not the case. This device also tracks the driver. With advanced tracking technology, it’s now easier to get alerts whenever your driver commits any non-compliant activity, for instance, speeding, swerving, braking, etc. With such information, it will be easier for you to keep all your driver in check and even get a hold of how strictly your employees obey the company guidelines and road laws.

Reduced Downtime:

The tracking system will also assist you with efficient routes. Getting a more significant idea about the routes increases work productivity by decreasing downtime. With shipment companies, route knowledge also helps them ensure that all the shipments get done on time, simultaneously reducing fuel costs. Thus, your business image will also enhance with overhead expenditure.


However, the real-time temperature & location trackers also dispatch instant notification if the temperature of the truck carrying frozen items surpasses the threshold values and the times when the vehicle deviated from the current route. Not just that, you will even get alerts if any container door opens at an unauthorized location or if the car halts on an unscheduled stop.