Giggs defends herself against Kate Greville accusation of abuse: ‘The bruise was due to violent sex’
Ryan Giggs’ lawyer tried to prove that his ex-partner’s bruising was due to violent consensual sex with a penis.

The comments came on the third day of the trial against Manchester United’s legendary Welsh player Ryan Giggs, who has been accused of assault and coercive behavior by his ex-partner, Kate Greville, 38.

After Kate Greville’s harsh statement against Giggs, 48, in which she described some of the footballer’s assaults, even going so far as to make sure she hit him in the face, it was the turn of the defense attorney.



“It was a bruise from the rough sex that you two really enjoyed…”
Ryan Giggs’ lawyers have confirmed at Manchester Crown Court that Kate Greville’s bruises, due to the alleged assault she suffered in Dubai in 2017, appeared during “hard sex” after the footballer bought the penis of a Provocateur agent to beat up his then partner after she requested To be “firmer” in bed.

“You both really enjoyed a bruise from violent sex…the truth is you get bruised from having sex from time to time,” attorney Chris Dow told Kate Greville. by violent sex.”

The bruises seen on Kate Greville after the alleged assault of Giggs were identified as “sexual bruises” by the ex-footballer in an intimate letter she sent him after the alleged assault.

Chris Dow tried to prove that Giggs bought the sex toys at the request of his ex-partner, who allegedly told the footballer to be “crueler” in their sexual relations.

“I want it to hurt me, not in a weird way. I want you to shock me and shock me.”
The lawyer did not hesitate to exchange private letters between Kate Greville, who denies these alleged practices of violent sex, to Giggs.

Giggs writes: “How are you? I’m afraid of hurting you.”

Kate Greville replies, “I want it to hurt, not in a weird way. I want you to shock me and shock me.”

Ryan Giggs pleads not guilty to the charges against Kate Greville of assault and coercive conduct.