The list of girl group member brands with influence in Korea has been announced. The most notable is the charisma of the members of the rookie group NewJeans.

Recently, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for K-pop girl group members. Besides the familiar names, the appearance of 3 members of the rookie group NewJeans in the top 10 made the public extremely surprised.

Specifically, the rankings were determined through the analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, media index and public awareness of 579 girl group members. All data were updated and collected by the Business Research Institute of kimchi from August 18 to September 18.

Standing in first place this month is female idol Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) with a total brand index of 5,059,756 votes. The highest-ranking phrases in YG Entertainment’s keyword analysis include: “World Tour”, “YouTube” and “Billboard”. Besides, the phrases related to describing the beauty’s top position on the main chart are: “released”, “prominent” and “strong”. Through the analysis of positive – negative numbers of “warrior” Jennie also showed a positive response score of 85.98%.

In addition, on September 16, the 4 girls “Black Rose” released the MV Shut Down . Within 2 hours of releasing the song on Youtube, Shut Down quickly set a “terrible” record when it received 8.9 million views and 1.4 million likes. Besides, Jennie’s visual in this comeback also became the topic of discussion on many social media forums because of her unique, outstanding and attractive image.

Currently, Shut Down is continuing to “write its name” on new records when holding the top 1 position on the Youtube platform with more than 70 million hits, the number 1 position on the global Spotify chart with 6, 6 million views. Reportedly, the Pink Venom MV also appeared on the chart at No. 2, up seven places from its last rank.

In second place in this month’s rankings is NewJeans’ rookie Minji with a brand reputation index of 4,574,344. Previously, fans of Minji in particular and NewJeans in general were extremely surprised by the news that the rookie idol once refused to be the center for SM Entertainment’s girl group. In addition, president Lee Soo Man personally recruited Minji by contacting her parents, making many attractive offers in the hope that the NewJeans member would join him.

However, Minji flatly refused everything with the “big man” SM Entertainment and debuted under the ADOR company under HYBE. Although the reason for the refusal has not been revealed until now, many opinions suggest that the female singer may have believed in the debut plan under the guidance of Min Hee Jin.

Next, the female idol who holds the 3rd place with a brand reputation index of 4,096,329 is none other than senior YoonA (SNSD) . Then, in 4th and 5th place are Mimi (Oh ​​My Girl) and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) respectively .

Ranking Top 30 hottest Kpop girl group members in September:

1. Jennie – Blackpink

2. Minji – NewJeans

3. YoonA – SNSD

4. Mimi – Oh My Girl

5. Jisoo – Blackpink

6. Hanni – NewJeans

7. Lisa – Blackpink

8. Taeyeon – SNSD

9. Seohyun – SNSD

10. Haerin – NewJeans

11. Yuri – SNSD

12. Rosé – Blackpink

13. Hyein – NewJeans

14. Sunny – SNSD

15. Sooyoung – SNSD

16. Jihyo – TWICE

17. Danielle – NewJeans

18. Arin – Oh My Girl

19. Jeongyeon – TWICE

20. Jang Won Young – IVE

21. Liz – IVE

22. Gaeul – IVE

23. Mina – TWICE

24. Hyoyeon – SNSD

25. Joy – Red Velvet

26. Karina – aespa

27. Winter – aespa

28. An Yu Jin – IVE

29. King – IV

30. Leeseo – IVE