Talking about homes, there is probably no more heartwarming quote than the world-famous saying, “There’s no place like home.” While it refers to “home” being not a place but a feeling, this also pertains to the place or the house where you live and have grown up in. It’s your territory here on Earth where you are your most comfortable self. When you’re at home, you feel snuggly, safe and serene. Everyone knows that going home is the best thing ever after a long exhausting day. On the other hand, another thing that everyone knows about home is that it’s the place where you can also feel extreme laziness, if not the most extreme sort of it. Because it’s a place that offers you ease and relief, satisfaction and relaxation, no wonder, it’s also laziness’ favorite place to attack you. 

While chilling is totally fine and can be a reward to self, it’s very different from irresponsible slackness. While laziness is a normal experience for every human being, it becomes an enormous hindrance to the progress and productivity you’re supposed to have, if you don’t discipline yourself when needed. Yes, it’s alright to be lazy sometimes, especially after working hard, but if you haven’t started on any task yet, that’s not good. If you’re being a headache to the people at home, it’s obviously a bad influence. Lastly, if laziness becomes a pathway to an unhealthy lifestyle, you must defeat it! 

Help yourself! Here are 10 ways to overcome extreme laziness at home. Take note that there are 5 points in this list, and the other 5 are found on Part 2 of this article series! Enjoy, and be enlightened.        

1 – Remind Yourself of Your Goals.

overcome laziness - goals

When you are lazy, you lack motivation. You know that you have some things to accomplish, however, the energy is missing from you. The enthusiasm is nowhere to be found. You don’t feel interested enough to work on your to-do lists. You’re not hyped up to get into action. Yes, you’re aware that deadlines are coming, and your schedule is packed, but your fervency, or the lack thereof, doesn’t cooperate. 

You need a strong driving force that will knock down all the slothful feelings within you. Focus on your objectives. Don’t get distracted by pure comfort. Remind yourself of your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize. When you recall that you have big targets and realize the consequences of not hitting them, you will be activated to get up and get going!

2 – Remember Your Nearing Deadlines!

alarm clock

Related to the first point, nearing deadlines are always among the most effective inspirations to combat laziness. Don’t wait for the last few days or worse, the last few hours, before you manage your obligations. Remember the deadlines! Be alerted, and be literally moved by them. 

3 – Sleep Early to Rise Early.


This one’s not easy for many people, especially for night owls, but sleeping early will enable you to rise early and to complete chores more and better than when you wake up late. It creates a domino effect because it affects your body clock. 

When you rise early, you won’t be late to your appointments, plus you will have fresh energy and high spirits. You can get the exercise equipment running, and the shower’s heater prepped. 

In contrast, when you wake up late because of sleeping late, you will miss doing your missions on time, plus you will feel more lethargic. You cannot do what you’re supposed to do early in the morning. This is when procrastination may come in, and you’ll say for the nth time, “Fine, I’ll just try again tomorrow.”

4 – Get Out of Your Bed the Moment You Wake Up.

overcome laziness - get up

Getting up from the bed in the morning is the most arduous challenge that many people face. Especially if you slept a little late at night, or if you’re simply not a morning person, this is relatable.

People love to say, “5 more minutes!” whenever they are being woken up. Snoozing the alarm clock, of course, is another popular manner of excuse to stay a little more in bed. Well, these are fine if you mean when you say it or snooze the alarm. Because if you don’t, you might fall into a deep sleep again, and you’ll be lazier later on when you wake up late.  

That’s why you should choose to get out of your bed the moment you wake up and come to your senses. Succeeding through this first morning struggle says a lot about how you can have a good day ahead!

5 – Exercise!

overcome laziness - exercise

Because you are not used to moving, running, jumping, walking around and sweating off, exercising doesn’t entice you. Even without warming up yet, you already feel that it’s going to be impossible for you. You haven’t even stretched your body, but you already say that working out is painful. This is one of the proofs that physical inactivity causes laziness.

Exercise! Work out! Play sports. Jog outdoors anytime you’re free. Don’t let your home exercise equipment rust and rot. Visit the nearest gym. Walk home or to your destination, if possible. Value fitness. Know that exercising benefits your mental health too.

Start an active physical lifestyle, and you will see how your mindset and motivation will transform into their best versions yet! Laziness won’t have a chance when you love exercising.   


GO, FORTH! See next!

Laziness is perceived as small but terrible. It can totally impede you from being your most active and zealous self! That’s why you should not just let it be, but rather, you should quash it! 

This is not the end. This list is not done yet! Read and explore the other 5 points of this article series. Check out Part 2! Don’t forget to share, so others know how to demolish their own laziness too.    



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.