Gojek Clone – A Complete Guide To Know About The Multi Service Business

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Powerful Gojek Clone like App offers 70+ On-Demand Services Online. These Services are Taxi Rides Booking, Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Transport and Logistics, and Food and Grocery Delivery. Hiring a Personal Shopper to run errands on the behalf of the App Users, Classic Exterior Car Wash, Beautician On-Demand among others.


Parcel Delivery to Single or Multiple Destinations, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines and Stationeries. Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Yoga Instructor or Personal Academic Tutors. Not only this, the App User can also avail Services of a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Baby-Sitter and Dog-Walker. And how can I forget about the Repair Experts! Through this App, the User can get their Television Sets, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Sofas and even Carpets repaired without having to step one foot out of the House.


100%, and the due credit goes to its Money-Minting Business Models. The App Owner can choose either one of the two,


The App Owner earns Commission on every single order Placed and Service Rendered through the App. It is the Service Providers who are Legally Bound to pay a certain percentage of their Earnings per Order to the App Owner as Commission. And these Commission Rates differ based on the breed of the Service Offered. It is the App Owner who enjoys the exclusive authority to decide these Rates.

  • Delivery Genie

Vivienne Young is a Sports Correspondent for CNN International News in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently Reporting Live the Five-Test Series between England and Australia from the Brisbane Cricket Ground “the Gabba” in Queensland. This is the fifth time that she is covering the Ashes! When she takes a five-minute break in between when the CNN Sports News Anchors from Atlanta take over, she gets a text message from her Mother that today is her Grandmother’ 99th Birthday!

Commission Rate for Genies delivering Flowers is 5 %.

She immediately opens her Gojek Clone App and hires a Delivery Genie! A Delivery Genie is a reliable Personal Shopper who’d go to nearby Stores to fetch and buy anything you want! She instructs Delivery Genie Stephanie to go to the Maison Fleur Florist and buy 20 Long Stemmed and Scented Pink Lilies.

Stephanie reaches Maison Fleur and uploads the picture of Long-Stemmed Oriental Lilies on the App. Vivienne glances through the Picture and approves the purchase of $240 AUD or US $173.3. Although she is currently in Queensland for a week only, she chooses to pay US Dollars while using the App. Both the Service Provider and the Genie have absolutely no problem with it. She therein makes an instant payment using her Credit Card that included Cost of 20 Lilies + Delivery Charges

of the Genie + 10% Taxes. Vivienne pays US $222.31and a detailed Invoice get automatically generated.

Here is the Detailed Break-Up of the Bill Amount.

-Cost of 20 Long Stemmed Oriental Lilies: US $173.3

-Delivery Charges of Genie Stephanie: US $28.8

-10% Tax on the Total Cost

Total Bill = Total Cost + 10% Tax

               = US $222.31

Therefore, Genie Stephanie owes 5% of US $28.8 to the App Owner as Commission. Stephanie pays US $1.44 or $1.99 AUD to the App Owner through the In-App Wallet Transfer.


The App Owner designs and curates Subscription Plans which Service Providers can buy by making an On-Time Payment. These Plans come with varying Validity Periods such as Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually. And all of these Plans come with a specific Expiry Date. After the Payment has been made, the Service Provider can now render Services to Unlimited Number of Users realistically possible. In this Business Model, the App Owner has to no longer pay Commissions per Order!

  • Moto Ride Taxi Driver Jordan White of Ohio

He buys an Annual Subscription Plan for US $999. And now, for one entire year he doesn’t have to pay a single penny to the App Owner as Commission.


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