Gojek Clone Nigeria Delivers You Best On Demand Services In 2022

Gojek Clone

Numerous On-Demand Services in Single Application is a Reality today! Yes, earlier it was a challenge to deliver a stack of different Services under a single App. But not anymore! A Master App has come up to the privilege of the App Owner, Service Provider, and the App User. This Application has the potential to furnish more than 70 Services such as an instant Taxi Ride, seamless Delivery of Parcels, Doorstep Delivery of Food Items, and Professional Car Wash in Nigeria. Let’s find out how –


With Gojek Clone App one can avail the services of booking an instant Taxi Ride! Liam books a Ride in Nissan Sentra SV from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and would be adding Destination Later. After choosing to pay via the In-App Wallet Balance, he’s good to go. One of the Prominent and Ultra-Modern features of this Intuitive App is that Liam can book a cab using his Apple Watch that’s linked with his iPhone. In such a case, he receives all the Driver Details like the Name and Photo of the Driver, Car Model Name, and Car Number on his Smartwatch Screen.

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Want something delivered?? Well, this On-Demand Multi Services App has got it covered! Violet logs into the App and posts her requirements such as 2 Luggage Bags to be delivered at Trumbull County, Warren, Ohio by 4th January 2021, 10 AM GMT-5 via Nissan Frontier S King Cab. This Super App ensures its Users of a seamless Parcel Delivery to a Single Location or even Multiple Locations as per their specific needs in Nigeria.


Are you looking to get Medicines from a Pharmacy? Or Do you want a Hot Wheels Car to be purchased from a nearby Gift Store? Delivery Genie, a Professional Expert would go to the Suggested Store to Purchase and finally Deliver these to you. The Genie would collect the things from the Store and upload a Photographic Proof on the App. The User needs to check their Quantity and Price and confirm the same, post which the Genie would go ahead with the Purchase and deliver it.


Car Wash worries wiping your time away? Harness the merits of Gojek Clone’s Car Washing Services wherein you get a List of Professional Car Washers to choose from based on their Ratings and Location. Upon choosing your Preferred Car Washer you get to see the List of Services that they offer, along with a Detailed Gallery of previous work done. That’s not it! One can pay by Cash, Card, or even the In-App Wallet.


Satiate your hunger while having a No-Cook Saturday with All in One Services App. Tyler opens this User-friendly App and selects Chicken Ranch Pizza from Stadz Pizzeria. He then customizes it with additional toppings like Green Peppers and Onions. Choosing to pay from his Card, he goes for a Contactless Delivery and is able to see the Real-Time Status of his Order through Graphical Notifications. 

Only a Single Application and one can get the merits of such numerous On-Demand Services. How can it get any better!!


This Ready-made Multi-Services Gojek Clone App Solution is what you need to attract those customers. So, are you ready to mount new heights in this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry in Nigeria!! Well, then it’s High-Time that you get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute!!